Labor Day and Back-to-School on social: What you need to know for 2018

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Labor Day and Back-to-school time are huge opportunities for brands and publishers alike. We looked at the data to see what performed well for the period last year.

Labor Day and Back-to-School are two of the unsung events of the year in terms of consumer spending. Total expected spending is set to top 25 billion dollars in 2018, with the average family spending more than $600 in the process. 

This means that, along with back-to-college period, it rivals the winter holidays in terms of total spending, and dwarfs many of the other more recognized holidays of the year.

This high-spending holiday provides brands and publishers with a great way to capitalize on all this money flowing around, and one of the best ways to do that is through content creation, be that on the web or on social. 

In our latest report we looked at publishers and brands that created successful content last year to prepare in advance for what will drive engagement this year. 

Top Labor Day and Back-to-school web content 


For Labor Day, there was a good deal of Facebook content that focused on the history of the day, with the top piece of content coming from WhoWhatWhy, and describing the Pullman Strike and the story behind Labor Day, which garnered 121,000 engagements. 

For Back-to-school content, shopping was a major focus, with the top story dealing with a fight that broke out between shoppers at Walmart from USA Today, which garnered 116,000 Facebook engagements.

Brands that created content for Labor Day


The vast majority of brands producing content around the holiday did so with native Facebook content, be that photos, videos, or links. We used our product NewsWhip Analytics to perform a search included any brands that were talking about food, travel, or sales and deals for the Labor Day/Back-to-school weekend.

AirBnB had the most successful post of the period, garnering over 30,000 engagements. Other brands such as Citypass and Heinz Ketchup took the chance to promote their respective offers and products for the day with photos showcasing what they do best, travel and condiments respectively. 

Two of the brands that did particularly well for Labor Day content, McDonald’s and AirBnB,  had quite different, but equally effective approaches to content creation for the holidays. 

AirBnB used the holidays to advertise one of its properties, portraying it as the perfect back-to-school vacation spot, garnering over 30,000 engagements in the process. 

McDonald’s, meanwhile, tapped into the psyche of every college-aged kid, by recognizing the need to make money for all the time they’re not at school, and posting a link to their careers site and benefits, which drove over 8,000 engagements, of which more than 1,500 were shares.

It’s even possible to get some free publicity, as Starbucks have in this Snap shared by someone not best pleased the semester was starting again.

This shows that there’s no one correct way to do holiday adjacent content, as long as it fits with the theme of your brand, you’re likely to get rewarded for it with engagements. 

If you’re interested in this and more on Labor Day and Back-to-school content, you can download the full report.

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