3 ways Snapchat will supercharge hyperlocal storytelling

August 2, 2018

Written by NewsWhip
Hyperlocal Snapchat

Snapchat’s going to supercharge your storytelling. We look at how hyperlocal, user-generated content is going to be a must-have.

We live in the fastest age of content yet. With stories breaking every minute, audiences want instantaneous access to what’s happening, and they want it up close.

More than 191 million people use Snapchat every day, creating 2 million Snaps every minute from every corner of the world. As Snap Inc. opens up its content to journalists, they’ll be able to see what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world, and find public content relevant to even the smallest local story.

We’re looking forward to opening up access in our Spike platform later this month. Here’s a little guide on what to expect.

Let’s take a look at a few ways Snap content can be used for your benefit. 

Access to eyewitness content 

Spike users will be able to uncover eyewitness media from the scene of an event. They can embed the public Snaps into their reporting.

Given the amount of disinformation right now, these Snaps are location-specific and can help reporters understand what’s really going on at a scene.

This example, from the Carr fire in Redding, CA, shows how people are reacting in real time. By embedding these user-generated snaps, journalists can transform their storytelling efforts into something real and compelling, vs. just a news blurb.

In our analyses this year, we’ve seen that both visual storytelling and humanized content drive more engagements. By adding this social-user first content to your stories and reporting, you can reach your audience in more genuine ways and add credibility. 

Understand what social users really think 

How are people genuinely reacting to current events or topics?

We can explore public opinions through this first-person view, by filtering for certain topics. Below are two Snaps that surfaced for Amazon Prime Day:

Snapchat Amazon Prime Day Content Marketing
We saw users snapping pictures of their purchases, snapping when Amazon’s website temporarily went down, and even Amazon warehouse workers snapping how they handled the oncoming madness of orders.

When you consider the audience of Snapchat vs. other platforms, there’s now unprecedented access to how younger social users are creating and reacting to topics and events. According to Pew Research, 39 percent of Gen Z teens say they use Snapchat more than any other platform.

From a breaking news standpoint, this is revolutionary. Twitter and Snapchat are both certainly key pieces of the puzzle for candid, first-person reporting (or pontificating). We now have a fuller view, and one from a very different audience. 

Optimize your reactive storytelling efforts 

For reporters covering events, we can take a look at Snaps uploaded from locations like Disney World or events like San Diego Comic-Con.

We can stay on top of how fans and consumers are reacting to topics or events in the news. Journalists can bring their audience coveted access to events, and find the unique moments that really stand out.

Don’t wait — request early access to Snapchat content here. 

What’s beneath the hood 

For Spike users, here’s a little more about how the tool will work:

NewsWhip’s Snapchat Geo search will surface hyperlocal Snaps at a glance, letting users quickly search and scan through previews of the results (note that below is our experimental look at the feature).

You can filter by time and date to refine those results, and save searches to keep track of developing events or locations that you care about.

From any search, you can quickly share and embed the media you discover.

This availability of Snapchat content has the potential to transform the relationship between audiences and the media. As people create public content about any minor or major event, media can collect that content, and present it out into the world.

Are you excited as we are? Customers can request early access to Snapchat content access here.

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