The new list of social media marketing tools that will save you time

June 18, 2018

Written by Benedict Nicholson
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Almost five years ago, we published a list of eight social media marketing tools that would make your life easier. And (hopefully!) they did, but that was years ago – things have changed. 

Influencers have transformed how brands reach potential customers, video storytelling has enhanced engagement potential, and interactivity has shattered the wall between media creator and media user.

Today, social media developments have made social marketing tools more important than ever. From organizing multiple platforms to providing engagement insights, a good media marketing tool is often the glue that can keep marketing strategies cohesive and effective over an ever-growing number of platforms.

Amidst social media innovation, at least one thing has stayed constant: we’re still here to make your life easier. From age-old classics to emerging front-runners, here are the new-and-improved social media marketing tools that will save you time. 

1. Hootsuite – the tried and true

Think of Hootsuite as the one dashboard that rules them all, managing all your social media platforms on one screen. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Pinterest, Hootsuite can organize almost any social media platform that you use. Schedule posts, track engagement, and curate content through the Hootsuite dashboard. There’s also an ever-evolving corresponding app ecosystem with add-ons that can tailor the dashboard to your niche needs. 

2. Tweetdeck – for everything that chirps

For just one application, a lot happens on Twitter. From posting original content to being notified of mentions, likes, and retweets, Tweetdeck helps you keep track of it all. Now owned by Twitter, Tweetdeck builds easily on top of Twitter’s already-existing tools to help businesses harness its marketing power.
NewsWhip Tweetdeck

3. SproutSocial – to chat with the world

SproutSocial is the meeting spot for all your social media mailboxes, organizing messages across social media platforms in one easy-to-use place. Messages can be tagged and collaborated on to help organize team workflow. SproutSocial also includes general social media management and analytics, with the potential to organize and schedule posts as well as track engagement across platforms.

4. GoogleAlerts – when in doubt, Google it

Think of Google Alerts like an inverse search bar, where mentions of topics that you’re trying to track are delivered directly to your inbox. You can tag anything as a Google Alert as well as customize how often and what kind of results are delivered. 

5. TrackReddit – understand your niche

Reddit is quickly rising to be one of the top-three accessed sites on the internet, ranking just below Google and YouTube. Its home to a limitless number of subreddits on any and all topics, and can provide a wealth of knowledge – if you know where to look. That’s where TrackReddit comes in: from product reviews to niche industry news, TrackReddit allows you to track any terms on Reddit.

6. ReviewTrackers – for managing your company’s rep

By tracking your customers’ reviews across numerous platforms, ReviewTrackers provides a measure of your business’s customer experience. Using their tool, you can listen to customer reviews across platforms, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and TripAdvisor, plus set up smart responses and analyze your feedback.

7. Spike – for understanding the currency of likes, comments, and shares

Spike tracks over one million pieces of content – videos, articles, Instagram posts and more – every day in real time. Ranking the stories that are performing strongest on Facebook and Twitter, Spike offers social media marketers a 360° look at the themes and topics that are driving conversations in their niche, right now. Try it for free today.

8. NewsWhip Analytics – for the long-term perspective

Analytics is your toolkit for an understanding of industry, competitors, and social media engagement trends. By providing access to four years of social media data from top platforms, Analytics gives you the insight to outperform your competitors and lead your industry. It is a must-have tool for developing a deep understanding of your content engagement.  Check it out for free here.

By organizing and analyzing your social media marketing, you’ll be able to amplify your reach while gaining insight on how people are engaging with your content. Tap into the tools that are most helpful for you and see results in your marketing while saving yourself time.

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