Here’s how the Royal Wedding played out on social media

May 25, 2018

Written by NewsWhip
Harry Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Social Media Insights

Last weekend, the world watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding. Which publishers drove the most social buzz for their coverage? 

Since November, the social media buzz has slowly been growing ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. If you were in the U.S., you may have set your alarm clock last Saturday for an absurdly early time. If you were in the U.K., you likely didn’t care (but maybe watched anyway? It’s okay. No shame. We still love you.)

Regardless, in just a day, web articles around the Royal Wedding reached more than 20 million engagements on Facebook, Pinterest, and from Twitter Influencers.

Royal Wedding social media

We looked at which stories and publishers were driving social buzz ahead of the wedding, but we wanted to dive into the top stories of the day, and afterward.

We looked at NewsWhip Analytics to understand:

  • The top stories of Royal Wedding 2018 on Facebook and Pinterest
  • The top publishers of Royal Wedding 2018 on social media
  • The top Facebook posts of Royal Wedding 2018

Let’s take a look.

What were the top stories around the Royal Wedding 2018?

Before the wedding, the top stories were primarily about the engagement and a story on whether Trump was invited to the wedding or not.

On the day, and afterward, these were the top stories.

The top two stories of the Royal Wedding weren’t actually about the happy couple. Instead, they were about Reverend Michael Curry and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. Interestingly, both stories focused on inclusivity, for people of color and for single parents, respectively.

In fact, four of the stories weren’t about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — the other two in the top ten were about the wedding flowers being donated to hospice patients, and David Beckham at the wedding.

Before the wedding, the Trump story, from Politics Spot, drove 817,000 engagements on Facebook, more than the top story of the wedding at this point (though we expect to see more accrue). However, on average, the top ten stories of around the Royal Wedding drove 262,732 Facebook engagements.

For our pre-wedding analysis, the top ten stories had driven an average of 201,657 Facebook engagements.

Who were the top publishers for the Royal Wedding 2018?

The Daily Mail was the top engaging publisher for the Royal Wedding 2018.

The U.K. publisher drove 1.8 million Facebook engagements across its 568 Royal Wedding articles published between May 19th and May 24th.

Facebook Royal Wedding Meghan

After the Daily Mail, the top publishers ranked by Facebook engagements were NBC and its media properties, Delish (not just for food!), People, and Huffington Post.

What were the top stories on Pinterest for the Royal Wedding 2018?

As we noted in our pre-event analysis, Pinterest was abuzz for the Royal Wedding. Below are the top stories, ranked by pins:

Pinterest Royal Wedding

Seven of the top ten stories came from the Daily Mail. We’ve highlighted the Daily Mail’s success before on Pinterest, for its coverage of the British royal family.

Unlike Facebook, the top ten stories here were almost all about the royal family and the wedding itself.

What were the top publishers on Pinterest for the Royal Wedding 2018?

On Pinterest, the top Royal Wedding publishers were primarily British sites and fashion-focused publishers.

Pinterest Royal Wedding Meghan

The Daily Mail drove the most pins, followed by People and Harper’s Bazaar. For fashion magazines, Pinterest can be a natural fit for aspirational content, like that about the royal family (and fairytale weddings).

What were the top Facebook posts around the Royal Wedding 2018?

What about Facebook native content? How users interact with web content and platform content can be entirely different, and often is.

Below are the top Royal Wedding posts on Facebook:

Facebook Posts Royal Wedding
The top Facebook posts happened both on the day of the wedding, as well as posts over the next few days. Most of the top ten posts focused on the Royal Wedding itself. The top post came from the Royal Family’s official Facebook Page.

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