Social Media Insights for Mother’s Day 2018

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In our latest social media insights report, we take a look at the top trends for Mother’s Day content across the web, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

What’s the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you’re an A-list celebrity, it’s through a heartfelt Mother’s Day post. For example, this post from One Direction’s Liam Payne was the top on Instagram last year (across both Mother’s Day dates):

While we can already bet that Kylie Jenner’s upcoming Mother’s Day post will probably break Instagram, it’s become common practice for people to take to social media for preparing for and marking important holidays.

For both brands and publishers, this means there’s ample opportunity to intercept consumers where they spend the most time online, on social media. This could be with products, with celebration ideas, and all sorts of content.

According to the NRF, American consumer spending reached an all-time high for Mother’s Day last year at $23.6 billion, a record in the survey’s 14-year history.

Using our social database, NewsWhip Analytics, we decided to look at how social users celebrate Mother’s Day. We went deep into the formats, topics, and classes of content that drove Mother’s Day buzz across the web, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

What were the top stories on social for Mother’s Day 2017? For web content, Facebook drove the majority of social engagements, when compared with Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Mother's Day Report Facebook

The top stories ranged from feel-good stories, politically-charged content, and stories that tugged at readers’ heartstrings. All of the top ten stories had an emotional component, whether it was provoking outrage, empathy, or simple humor.

When it came to brands, the weirder the story, the better. We saw stories about KFC publishing a Colonel Sanders romance novel and Tim Hortons offering a ‘donut bouquet’ driving buzz on social.

Brands Social Media Mother's Day Report Facebook

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, we found some more focused trends. On Facebook, the top Mother’s Day post came from a pet brand, BarkBox, making a viral video for another kind of mother, ‘dog moms’.

BarkBox Facebook video

On Instagram, after celebrities, brands, aggregators, publishers, and sports teams all drove significant likes and comments for their Mother’s Day content.

To read more about all of the top Mother’s Day tactics ahead of 2018, check out the report here.

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