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Cinco de Mayo is an important holiday for brands and publishers alike these days. We dived into the data to see who was producing content that featured the holiday.

Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate. Perhaps more importantly, it’s time for brands and publishers to start thinking about how their content can tie into the day.

It has become an increasingly important holiday in recent years, especially for brands and advertisers, thanks to a couple of factors. 

Firstly, according to data from Nielsen, the purchasing power of Hispanic consumers has increased to some $1.5 trillion in 2015, and expected to rise still further. 

Secondly, the holiday is a staggeringly successful one, especially for food and alcohol brands. For example, in 2014, Americans consumed around 127 million liters of tequila on May 5th, and some $735 million is spent on beer alone. Indeed, the holiday is responsible for about 5 percent of the total yearly sales for Mexican beer and tequila, according to Nielsen.

So how can brands capture the festive atmosphere and show themselves off to potential customers on social? We took a look at the data about what drove engagements, and which brands really captured the moment in our new report. 


What are the top trends for Cinco de Mayo branded content?


For a taste of what’s in the report, here’s a quick glance at how specific food brands did in terms of the attention they garnered around the holiday.

Some of the most successful may come as a bit of a surprise.

We looked at Pillsbury, Avocados from Mexico, Deliveroo, and Weight Watchers in terms of how they were covered on both the web and Facebook.

Perhaps surprisingly, the most successful of the group was Pillsbury, garnering some 35,000 engagements on web content and 53,000 engagements for Facebook native content on posts featuring the brand. 

As we can see in the chart below, some of this came from Pillsbury’s own Facebook Page posting recipes using its products, such as sopapilla cheesecake bars, but there was also a good amount of coverage for a new product that it launched in celebration of the holiday; Mini Churro Bites. 

Less surprisingly, Avocados from Mexico also featured with its fiesta inspired content, while Deliveroo and Weight Watchers both took advantage of the holiday to promote their own brands very successfully. 

Food puns aside, that’s just the smallest taste of what the report has to offer, with insights on Cinco de Mayo for publishers, as  analysis of alcohol and travel content for the holiday, as well as what’s already starting to do well on social in 2018 in advance of the holiday.

Download the report here to get the full picture.

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