We launch the NewsWhip Research Center to crack the code on social sharing and go deeper than we ever have before.

With this week’s tense news cycle around social platforms, data, and censorship, there’s been a lot of contemplation over user behaviors, trust & privacy, and what drives the spread of stories and information across the digital world.

It might be fitting that we launched the NewsWhip Research Center this week. Whether you’re reading this from a publication, PR agency, or brand, there’s now a need to understand why people share and engage with content, and what the future holds. 

So what’s the NewsWhip Research Center? 

If you’ve been following along with the blog and our work, you’ve seen an upsurge in our reports, webinars, and hosted events, as we work to demystify the social publishing ecosystem. We started this blog in 2011, and over the years, we’ve identified trends in everything from the most shared news stories to the effect of pets in Instagram posts to the spread of fake news.

Our “People-Powered News” back in 2014 identified the contrast between what’s planned editorially and what people actually want to engage with, and we have continued to go deeper into understanding this.

With an infinite amount of content across dozens of platforms, data is increasingly necessary to sort through all the noise. Before you welcome our new AI robot overlords, we promise that it’s not all robots yet — we still need to the human element to interpret and react to these signals. Insight into content is insight into people’s emotions.

In 2017, we identified the human challenge behind interpreting and applying this data into a strategy. We stumbled into providing insight on misinformation to leading newsrooms and partnering with the likes of Oxford University, First Draft News, and more.

Our CEO and Founder, Paul Quigley, shared our take on fake news with Bloomberg TV last year:

We also saw more requests from our agency clients and brands on how to navigate an increasingly noisy space.

Because of all this, we built the NewsWhip Research Center to crack the DNA of storytelling. With NewsWhip’s vast universe of data and insights, it’s logical that we turn this into a full-time institution.
What does this mean for you? The NWRC will host our deep research reports and webinars, and announce our events. We want your ideas and thoughts on what to research, and we welcome research partners. With the NWRC, we want to be a partner to you, not just a platform. We want to give you the intelligence and guidance needed to be successful in social publishing.

We’re already looking forward to the discoveries that we’ll make together. Send us your ideas on Twitter or email us at blog@newswhip.com.

Check out the NewsWhip Research Center here.


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