How do I protect my brand reputation online?

March 3, 2018

Written by Glossary Author

To protect brand reputation online, it’s important to have reliable information to hand which can quickly show where attention needs to be focussed. The nature of social media means that discussions can move fast. As a result, PR agencies need to be able to put workflows and monitoring systems in place which give them the best possible insight into how people are engaging with brands on social media.

Making sure that you’re adequately protecting your brand’s reputation online requires extensive information-gathering, and digital tools which can provide complete visibility into how social media influencers and users generally are responding to stories involving a particular brand.

Data can be used to help inform communications decisions about how to respond to threats to brand reputation. For example, NewsWhip Spike provides users with estimates of how many engagements particular stories or social posts are due to attract over the following 24 hours, helping to inform whether a story is set to go viral or not. Such information can be used to better understand cultural moments and trends close to your brand as they unfold, as well as to see all of the events, topics and mentions relevant to you, and how interest in them is changing in real time.

Brand Reputation

Visit the Newswhip Research Center: It’s the central intelligence hub of NewsWhip where we regularly publish reports around changes to the social platforms and event specific insights (Black Friday, Christmas, Super Bowl, World Cup, Brexit, Presidential Elections and much more). This multidisciplinary team is comprised of Content Strategists, Editors, Data Scientists, Research Associates and outside partners, including leaders in academia. The center focuses on demystifying the spread of news and information and provides insightful interpretation of the vast social data that surrounds us.

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