The 2018 guide to navigating the Facebook algorithm changes

March 23, 2018

Written by NewsWhip
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In our latest guide, we look at how publishers are adapting to Facebook’s algorithm shift and the behaviors of 2018 social media audiences.

With algorithm changes on Facebook, publishers and content creators are trying to find their footing. Is this the end of days for social distribution, or the start of an entirely new era?

Traditional media has been proclaimed dead time and time again — from print, from TV, from the Internet. Each time, new opportunities have arisen for the innovative, and this looks to be the case now in our new report: “How to navigate the changes on Facebook & social in 2018“.

facebook tracking news media monitoring

We’ve seen recovering figures for many publishers who have cracked the peer-to-peer system that is being heralded across Facebook and other platforms.

In fact, it was just announced that the financial-news startup Cheddar just raised $22 million in Series D financing, to launch a second live news network and to fuel its global growth.

NowThis has revived its homepage, and other publishers developing digestible, social-friendly formats on their websites and pursuing new revenue streams. Paywalled publishers have embraced data to offer visitors individualized experiences.

According to Pew Research, more than 67 percent of Americans now get some news from social media. So more than the direct sharing of content from a publisher’s Facebook Page, there is plenty of sharing of media. 

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As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, most publishers only see half of the engagements on their site content through their Page engagement, while the rest comes from “personal sharing”.

Dark social has become more and more important, with a clear shift from social media to private media. Research from GetSocial suggests that private sharing was twice as large as public sharing in 2017.

Source: GetSocial & BuzzSumo.

There’s an opportunity for content creators to find the storytelling moments that resonate deeply with people.

In our report, we look at the health of publishers on Facebook and beyond. We look at the steps to building successful communities on the platform and how to create content that encourages commenting.

Facebook monitoring social media communities nicholas kristof

 We explore the most engaging formats for native Facebook content, and how to master them.

We also looked into how virtually every social platform is being reexamined as a way to reach audiences, from Pinterest to Instagram to Snapchat, WhatsApp, Reddit, and even calendar apps.

publishers on Snapchat self

Self’s Snapchat channel saw 10 million viewers in February, up from 7 million in January. (Digiday) 

We cover it all. Check out the report for the latest on the algorithm shift, what it really means for content creators, and the trends to know on Facebook and beyond.

Read the report here.

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