The Olympics have kicked off in Pyeongchang and publishers and marketers already have another chance to reach their target consumers, in a very big way. 

With the Olympics underway, publishers and advertisers alike are vying for the chance to reach tens of millions of global viewers at once.

This is a big deal for brands in particular. The 2014 Winter Olympics set a record of $977 million in ad spend. U.S. ad spend is expected to reach new highs for the 2018 Olympics. Digital users will have unprecedented access to the games, as NBC plans to offer 1,800 hours of live streaming coverage.

Over on social, we expect this to play out in bigger ways than before:

Data from NewsWhip Analytics.

When we looked at social media, we saw that buzz around the Olympics has been ongoing all year, but it has really picked up from November 2017 onwards.

So which publishers and brands will emerge as the winners in captivating their audiences? 

In our latest report, we examined the top content trends, the brands that are already taking advantage of the Olympics hype, and the top influential Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We also took a look at the top historical trends around the Rio Olympics on social, to find out what may perform best this year.

We took a more nuanced dive into which autos, food & drink, travel, fashion, finance, and tech brands are getting their audiences hyped up for the Olympic Games.

Check out the 2018 Winter Olympics on Social Media Report here for all the trends.



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