Webinar: Finding Social Signals in Digital Noise

By   |   April 10th, 2017   |   Reading time: 1 minute NewsWhip Announcements

We’re hosting a joint webinar with Parse.ly on April 19th to explore how publishers can identify the important social signals in a world of digital noise.

How can publishers stand out on social today, while staying true to their brand and message? With multiplying social platforms and countless ways to consume information, news sites are struggling to understand the best ways to engage their audiences. Social networks provide invaluable insight into what readers are interested in. But with billions of interactions happening each day, how can publishers pull out the social signals that should matter to them?

These are the questions we’ll seek to answer and more in our upcoming webinar. NewsWhip and Parse.ly will speak to two top digital publishers to understand how they use social media to inform and amplify their strategy, while staying true to their unique brands.

Melissa Gilkey, head of audience growth at Upworthy, and Mallory Johns, engagement editor at Popular Science, will talk to Parse.ly general manager John Levitt about how they use social data and native formats to excite their readers.

Upworthy and Popular Science have garnered extremely loyal followings by leveraging the niche interests of specific audiences, and have seen thousands of engagements on native posts and content. Over the past six months, both publishers have driven millions of engagements across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Upworthy and Popular Science are expert at tailoring content for social networks, and leveraging native formats to build engagement. During our webinar on April 19, they’ll tell us what kind of results they’ve seen with formats like Facebook Live, how they measure success, and how others can use social signals to build their brands.

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