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We’ve just launched a new white paper with the research on how social distribution has changed for publishers since 2014, and advice on how to build engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. 

Earlier this month, we opened up our database with the launch of a new content analysis platform called NewsWhip Analytics. It’s the source of all the data and research we publish on this blog.

As part of the launch, we’ve been working on a report looking at how social publishing has changed over the last three years. 

Download NewsWhip’s Three Years of Social Data Report

We analysed how engagement patterns changed for sites, particularly on Facebook, and at the types of stories that are attracting engagement on social media in 2017. It’s been a really interesting process that’s thrown up lots of insightful data points that audience development specialists and anyone with an interest in how content gets shared online will find fascinating.

We analysed how publishers have been using native video on Facebook to increase their engagement, and the way that successful publishers are now using organic engagement to reach larger audiences.

As well as that, we look at:

– How engagement with content on Facebook has changed for publishers since 2014
– The significant rise of engagement with publisher content on Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
– Best practices for how to optimise content for further engagement on different platforms.

As well as the data from top pages, sites and stories, we have some best practice guides looking at how to maximise engagement with Facebook videos, Instagram posts, articles on LinkedIn and more.

From seeing what works with video on Instagram to the reasons behind the Washington Post’s recent success on Facebook, this guide collects some of our best tips for connecting with readers in the social age.

Download the new report for free below, and get in touch on Twitter if you have any questions.

Get your three years of social data report today

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