Our latest whitepaper keeps you updated on what you need-to-know for your Facebook publishing into Fall 2016 and the holiday season. 

Every week, it feels like Facebook has something new for publishers and content creators in store. It could be a changing algorithm, a new format, or retired feature. Because of this, there’s constant uncertainty around how to succeed on social media.  

Here at NewsWhip, we keep a constant pulse on the shifts on social platforms. Our monthly publisher rankings, as well as our analyses into emerging Facebook trends and those doing the best to adapt, keep us aware of what might be next from the Book.

With over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, a 15 percent year over year increase, it’s clear that Facebook isn’t going anywhere as people’s source of information and entertainment.

That’s why we consolidated our most recent and most important findings into a guide for you to master your social publishing on Facebook this season. The guide puts control back in your hands, so you can understand Facebook’s direction and what that means for publishers and PR and marketing professionals.

Read the What You Need to Know for Facebook Publishing: Fall 2016 whitepaper to learn:

  • The biggest algorithmic changes of 2016 and the implications for publishers
  • The rising importance of peer-to-peer sharing and how to activate on it
  • How to kickstart your video strategy as Facebook’s emphasis on video content grows
  • The increase of Facebook reactions and how it can inform your content
  • Tips from content creators from digital natives, and how they’re seeing success.

Even how you present your content will change its success on Facebook. We saw this with how many words publishers use in their caption when sharing a link to Facebook:

how long most shared Facebook posts NewsWhip

These many, many nuances are subject to change, and that’s why you need to be up-to-date for your social distribution. As Facebook continues to tinker with its algorithm and how it favors different content, publishers need to be ready to adapt to such changes.
Our consolidated Fall guide will see you into the holiday season with ease. It will help you understand what Facebook is doing and why, and how you can strategize for the season ahead.

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