How To Track Branded Facebook Posts In NewsWhip Spike

October 20, 2016

Written by NewsWhip

It’s now possible to track the performance of branded Facebook posts in Spike, to see the sponsored posts that are driving the most engagement for brands and publishers, in any niche. 
We recently looked at how publishers and brands can leverage branded posts on Facebook.
Here’s how we described the appeal of the format, since it was launched by Facebook in April.
“In the last few months there’s been an uptick in their usage from publishers looking to monetise their reach and name on Facebook, and brands looking to connect with the right audience. Leading publishers using branded content on Facebook regularly now include digital native like BuzzFeed and Mashable, as well as legacy sites such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and more.
For advertisers and agencies, branded content on Facebook represents a news way to market themselves and their clients. The appeal of the platform lies with the huge audience, as well as the ease of publishing. All this is enhanced by the possibility of the reader or viewer extending the reach of your content organically, by sharing it with their friends.”
So far, one of the challenges for brands and publishers in figuring out what branded content works lies with ideation and benchmarking. It’s one thing to measure what kind of content generally does well on social media; splitting it down to sponsored posts is more difficult.
Now, you can track the performance of branded posts in NewsWhip Spike. We’ve added branded posts to our Facebook posts view in Spike, allowing users to quickly find branded posts in their space, from specific pages or brands.
Branded Facebook Content in NewsWhip Spike
To look at the performance of branded posts in Spike, first click into the Facebook posts section of Spike, at the left of your screen.

From there, select the ‘Branded Content’ media type to bring up posts that have been sponsored.
Now you’ll see feed of the all the branded posts posted over the last hour, day, week, or other time period. Add content filters (sport, fashion, entertainment) to get more refined results.
Each branded post has a ‘branded’ tag that differentiates it from other posts in Spike. This makes it very easy for publishers’ branded content teams to track their performance in real time, or over longer time periods.

How to Use Spike’s Branded Content Feature

So, what are some ways of using this feature in Spike?
There are three obvious elements here: research for successful branded content, identifying suitable partner pages and brands, and reporting on engagement for branded posts.
Let’s look at the performance of branded content in the Sports category. Looking in Spike, it’s clear that there’s plenty of branded content coming out from Sports pages. Over 24 hours, the top branded post in Spike came from the UEFA Champions’ League page, with a branded post from Pepsi.
Branded Facebook Posts in Spike
As well as being able to see the post itself in Spike, we can also look at the associated social data. The post drove plenty of engagement, and clicking into the drop-down graph beside the post gives much more contextual information around its performance, which is useful for reporting its performance over a number of hours.
Facebook Post Engagement Performance Graph in Spike
You can also isolate the branded posts from specific pages by typing in their name and selecting from the drop-down menu. In the case of the Champions League, we can see that their main Facebook page has posted 21 branded posts, mainly images and videos, in the last seven days.
It’s easy to measure their relative performance against the regular posts by toggling the ‘media type’ filter on the left of the screen, to get an idea of how the numbers compare.
Searching for branded content in NewsWhip Spike
Now that you’ve identified a potential page to partner with, let’s see what branded posts drive the most positive engagement on Facebook. By putting the Sports posts back to a one month view, and filtering by ‘Love’ reactions in the drop-down menu at the right of the screen, you’re presented with a feed of the most ‘loved’ sponsored sports post over the last 30 days.
Here it’s easy to see that sponsored posts announcing victories for particular teams drive lots of positive engagement, as can be seen in this example from the New England Patriots and Party City.
NewsWhip Spike
Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on new sponsored posts in any niche as they appear by filtering by ‘most recent’.
Try out the branded  content feature today to see how it works, and get in touch if you would like to know more.

To try out the new branded Facebook posts feature in Spike, sign up for a free trial here.

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