New in Spike: See the Events & Influencers Boosting Story Reach

By   |   September 23rd, 2016   |   Reading time: 3 minutes Product Announcements

You can now see the specific social posts and influencers pushing stories to become trending. Discover the events driving stories’ viral success with Story View, live in Spike.

What’s the perfect recipe for viral content? How can you break down the trajectory of a story, to see what events and influencers catapulted it to become big?

With so many social platforms and interactions, it’s hard to identify the moments of significance in a story’s lifetime. That’s why we created Story View in Spike: a new feature that lets you see the events and influencers that launched a story to viral success.

The new, expanded Story View in Spike shows you the social interactions (like Facebook shares and tweets) that boosted a given story’s popularity over time. You can look at the influencers that circulated a story on social and the engagements those posts received, and the size of their audiences to understand their reach.

Now when you click on a trending story in Spike, you’ll see its aggregate social engagement so far, plus its predicted interactions over the next few hours. Compare these metrics to the publisher’s average, to see if a story is over-performing for a certain site.

For this ESPN story, featuring a video of a brawl between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, we can see that the story is getting about 1.5x the engagement of average ESPN posts.

ESPN Story Pages

We can also look at the full breakdown of a story’s trajectory to see how it’s picked up on social since publishing. By clicking on the biggest events along the timeline, we can see which tweets and posts really boosted the story’s reach.

To analyze the performance of stories and the impact of influencers, you can sort by the past 12 hours or more. To watch how breaking news is taking off in real time, change your view to the past 30 minutes or hour.

For this breaking story about Donald Trump’s use of funds from his charity, we can follow the action in real-time, seeing which social posts are fueling the story’s popularity. As you can see, in just 20 minutes after publishing, this Washington Post story is grabbing attention from dozens of influencers. Click on the nodes along the story’s trajectory to get more information about each social event.


After looking at the individual social posts that gained the most engagement, we can further analyze the users talking about this story and keeping the buzz going. Who are the influencers amplifying this story’s reach?

We can look at the accounts posting the most about this story and gaining the most engagements with Story View. Who are they key advocates driving traffic to the Washington Post’s website from social platforms? How is this story engaging communities outside washingtonpost.com?

Unsurprisingly, some of the top accounts getting engagement on posts about this story came from the Washington Post.

Trump Story Pages Influencers

Spike’s Story View view also shows us the audience size of these influencers, so we can understand the true impact of the engagements they received. Although the Washington Post’s official Facebook Page has 4.5 million followers, the reporter behind the breaking story received the most social engagement with a tweet calling readers to follow his investigation into Trump’s charitable giving.

The Spike dashboard updates in real-time, tracking stories as they’re published and interactions as they happen. With Story View, watching all the action in real-time has never been easier.

We’ll continue rolling out updates that let you get to the story first, and analyze the impact of social influencers on stories. Stay tuned for more Spike updates.

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