The NewsWhip Survey: The State of Content & Social Strategy 2016

By   |   August 26th, 2016   |   Reading time: 2 minutes Brands, Communications & PR, Digital Journalism

Our new whitepaper reveals and analyzes the findings from the NewsWhip Content and Social Strategy survey across over 260 media professionals. 

Changing algorithms, shifting distribution channels, fragmented audiences – there’s never been more uncertainty around how to succeed in the media industry.  The constant changes in both publishing and consumption have made for a general feeling of angst across content creators. 

Publishers, brands, marketers and PRs alike are finding themselves on a precipice of innovation and evolution. But these digital and social innovations have also heralded a new era of opportunity for professionals who are ready to capitalize on change.

Publishing is moving more and more towards social-first and appealing to the audiences who live there. Social media users are now content producers themselves, and demand interaction with organizations and brands. In this new landscape, publishers are pushed to the limit to understand the interests of their audiences and tap into them at the right time, in the right medium, on the right platform.

That’s why NewsWhip conducted a survey across the entire media industry, to understand what’s working and help you see where you fit. The NewsWhip State of Content and Social Strategy 2016 whitepaper tells you how your peers in publishing, marketing and PR are dealing with the social changes that have rapidly unfolded in 2016.

Our survey asked over 260 news and publishing, marketing, and communications professionals about their biggest challenges, the most important skills for success, about their plans for the future, and more. The findings revealed distinct signals about what lies ahead and what to watch in the coming months.

Read the whitepaper to see:

  • Your peers’ biggest challenges and plans for the future
  • What role video and native content will play in strategies
  • How organizations are addressing changing social algorithms
  • How publishers view paid versus organic media
  • The most desired skills in to-be-hired employees
  • The social platforms viewed as becoming more or less important and why


Our key findings included the biggest obstacles media professionals across industries see for the future – namely, lack of resources, directing the right strategic focus, and difficulty keeping up with the constantly changing social ecosystem.

Get insight into what’s important in your industry right now with our latest whitepaper – NewsWhip Survey: The State of Content and Social Strategy 2016. Our report will help you understand what your peers and competitors view as important, to help you see where you should be focusing strategies and resources in the coming months.

Download the whitepaper here!

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