With public content creation growing rapidly, understanding this uber-body of Internet content and human activity is getting harder. We explain the trend and the technology solutions emerging to help you.

The evolution of the Internet has brought one significant challenge to professionals in communications, marketing and media – ever-rising volumes of public content being created each day, to monitor, understand and react to.
Estimates suggest public content production is around eight billion gigabytes annually, doubling each year, with nearly 150,000 pieces of content being shared on Facebook each minute.

The need for Content Intelligence, as explained by NewsWhip.

The need for Content Intelligence, as explained by NewsWhip.

This challenge probably isn’t new to you. You’ve seen it via ever-growing numbers of websites, bloggers and vloggers, the growth and fragmentation of the social media, the rise of mobile and the storm of User Generated Content (UGC).
The result? An impossibly large, swelling mass of content and human activity to understand.

The Challenges This Brings to You

This has meant a range of challenges for media creators to manage.
How to track all this content, understand what’s important, detect breaking trends and news? How do journalists and editors know what’s engaging their audience, in a range of locations? How do marketers know what content works in a given space, and why? How do PRs find the right distribution partners to place their story, given it’s no longer just about the New York Times?
It’s no over-statement to say this content explosion has changed how you work forever. It’s also why it’s so challenging to work in your industry today.
Amidst growing competition to stand out online and an arms race in content marketing and ever-fragmenting distribution, you’re expected to win on many social networks, navigate algorithm changes and generate revenue. As if that wasn’t enough, you have information coming at you from every angle, there’s never enough time in the day and it’s hard to know where to focus your limited resources.

The Rise of Content Intelligence

The only way to meet this challenge – which is partly caused by technology and too many sources – is with new forms of technology: centralized monitoring systems
It requires intelligent platforms able to scan the Internet and Social Web, regularly tracking engagement trends and where attention is collecting. This software needs to be able to detect events and breaking news, whilst understanding the performance of content objects. It also needs to ingest and handle huge amounts of data.
What should such software and solutions be called? We suggest ‘Content Intelligence.’
This is literally what you need – intelligence into what’s happening in this growing body of public content. This is also what NewsWhip delivers to hundreds of businesses around the World – from the BBC to Buzzfeed, Edelman to Golin and Adobe to Reebok. We expect the Content Intelligence sector to grow in lockstep with the growth of the content body it seeks to map and explain.

Content Intelligence

How NewsWhip delivers its Content Intelligence platform

Content Intelligence is not just about understanding your content, but your competitors’ too, for a pan-sector view of performance and engagement. It’s about understanding where attention is collecting now and where it’s headed next – such as the tweet that first called out Melania Trump’s potential speech plagiarism, or Amazon’s Medium blog responding to the NYTimes’ piece on its office culture. It’s about identifying the right influencers and websites to work with, for a range of brands, to spread your message further. And ultimately, it’s about using technology to signal what’s important in this swirling mass of public content.
Content Intelligence is your map to this uber-body of public content. Trying to navigate it without one is becoming impossible.

Putting You Back in Control

The benefits of Content Intelligence are becoming widely understood, with software – including ours – getting faster and more accurate at signalling and alerting, being improved with layers of Machine Learning and AI and even offering predictive insights.
Content Intelligence enables you to receive the earliest signals of breaking news, pre-viral content and interest trends anywhere on the Internet or Social Web, before using them to power editorial agendas, social marketing and communications strategies. Obvious use cases in marketing and media – such as informing editorial agendas at Huffington Post and Mic, or content strategy at Mastercard and Walmart – are being supplemented by emerging ones for government and celebrity communicators too. Knowing what content an audience or electorate is consuming and being guided by is critical for anyone communicating and telling stories.
In our corner of this action, we use patented algorithms to help professionals like you navigate this tsunami of news and content created each day, save hours of monitoring time and more effectively spread their message. Flatteringly – for our efforts – we’ve been called ‘a magic bullet for media strategy’.
More widely, Content Intelligence is going to grow in importance and sophistication. And not a moment too soon.
It’s key to helping you take back control and understand content and social ecosystems more deeply. It also helps you more confidently and effectively focus your resources, generating better results and ROI. And just as importantly, it will help reduce anxiety and stress in professionals who are already up against it.
Vive Content Intelligence! We’re all keenly watching where it evolves to next.
(Have any unmet Content Intelligence needs? Let us know in the comments; our Product team is listening).