We’ve launched a brand new feature in Spike to help you get to the stories and posts that matter most, no matter what you’re interested in. 
Discover in Spike
Every day, Spike organises the world’s online information, such as breaking news stories, Facebook videos and blogposts, into easily comprehensible streams. This allows its users – social media editors, content marketers, digital strategists and more – to take action in real time.
Now we’ve made it a little easier for users to access the information that’s most relevant to them as quickly as possible. We’ve launched a new feature called ‘Discover‘, which allows users to choose from pre-made panels showing what’s trending around current news events, niche topics like fashion, tech and sports and what social media influencers are talking in different areas.
For journalists and other publishers, Discover provides a set of pre-made panels that Spike users can use to stay up-to-date with breaking news and events in their chosen topics. For example, our breaking news panel shows the stories published within the last 60 minutes by a selection of news publishers. The stories are ranked by how fast they’re attracting engagement on social media.
Spike Discover breaking news
Discover isn’t restricted to the websites – our team use Boolean search to target specific events. This panel returns all results for stories with mentions of key terms around the environment, published in the last day and again ranked by our social velocity algorithm:
Spike Discover
This gives marketers, communicators and specialist content creators the ability to dive into their industries at a very granular level. Other panels are broken out by Facebook and Instagram accounts, authors, and more. Here’s our NFL Facebook Pages panel in action:


We’re continuing to build out our Discover panels, including creating pre-made lists using Facebook Reactions, and sorting by formats like video.

How to get started

Using Discover is simple. Just click into the ‘Discover’ tab at the top left of your screen in Spike.
Discover in Spike
Browse through the options, and to save one of them to your collection of panels, simply click the plus button. Once they’re added to your panels, you can get email alerts when a story is doing extra well on social media, and share relevant stories to your team on Slack and email. This ensures you’re kept up to date, even when you’re not looking at Spike.
If you’re already a Spike user, try some of these panels to get started:

 – Latest coverage of the 2016 Olympics
Coverage of gun control in the US
Top fashion influencers on Instagram
News about the top financial services companies
Uplifting and inspiring news from around the world

If you have any new panel suggestions for our Discover curators, we’d love to hear them. Drop us a line to spike at newswhip dot com, or use the direct conversation feature in Spike.

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