The Biggest Pokémon Go Stories on Social

July 18, 2016

Written by NewsWhip
Pikachu Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Go craze is going strong and we uncover which articles and publishers have seen the most success on social. 

It seems like Pokémon Go has taken over the world, as many people flock to the app to relive their childhood, while others are eyeing the craze with wariness.
The app has been nonstop in the news for causing accidents, along with surpassing usage by other major apps, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Tinder. The stories have been high up in NewsWhip Spike consistently since the game’s initial launch on July 5th.
We decided to plug Pokémon Go into our own database, NewsWhip Analytics, to see just how engagement has rocketed (like Team Rocket, get it?) on the social webs.

Pokemon go engagements

On links from publishers and sites, Pokémon Go has seen nearly 10.5 million likes,  2.5 million shares, and 3.7 million comments on Facebook since the game launched.
And while the craze might have peaked around on July 15th, there are still plenty of articles being produced.

pokemon go article count

(Pokémon Go article count vs. time from NewsWhip Analytics. Click for full size image)
But which publishers and which stories have seen the most engagement for stories about Pokemon Go? Which publisher is the very best, the best there ever was?

pokemon go FB shares

As to be expected, BuzzFeed, Youtube, and other niche tech and nerd culture sites make up the bulk of the Facebook shares (, the Daily Dot, Hawker, Gizmodo, The Verge, and Kotaku).
A website called the Federalist Papers commandeered a huge portion of shares as well, for a story we’ll dive into further down.

pokemon go twitter

Over on Twitter, we see much of the same category of publishers seeing big distribution. Youtube and BuzzFeed still rank, but are joined by Mashable, Tech Crunch, and the like.
For both Facebook and Twitter, Forbes appears, joined by Business Insider on Twitter. This makes sense, considering the enormous chunk of change the game has brought Nintendo and Niantic.
Following that interesting business engagement, we also saw that content got over 197,000 shares on LinkedIn.
Let’s dive into the top performing articles about the Pokémon Go craze.

Top Pokémon Go Articles on Facebook


Two of the top three articles, are about more serious problems and theories around the game.
The Federalist Papers had by far the most engaging article and the most shared. It was about a security vulnerability between linking one’s Pokémon Go to their Google account (now fixed). With 95,000 shares, 57,000 likes, and 84,000 comments, the article speaks to people’s fears about privacy online.
The second article, from Gawker’s Black Bag vertical, is also about the security issue, but throws a government surveillance conspiracy theory into the mix. This article drove over 163,000 total Facebook engagements.
Sensationalist news, like the two above articles, can travel fast on social media, as they ignite readers’ real-life worries and fears.
[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″]
Most of the other articles in the top ten are refreshingly positive. The second and fourth most engaging articles are about the game fostering new real-life friendships and its positive effect on mental health. The story about friendships from Inverse saw over 167,000 Facebook engagements.
Other stories are about the game teaching the metric system and bolstering sales at small businesses, a meme for moms, and Pokémon appearing in places they shouldn’t. 
And of course, BuzzFeed’s sheer volume of articles was as expected. In the top 20 most engaging articles, they penned three of them, with their listicles, quizzes, and other stories.

Top Pokémon Go Articles on LinkedIn

Pokemon Go LinkedIn

The top ten stories from LinkedIn were almost all about the success of the app, its impact on small businesses, and what it meant for Nintendo.
While not as big engagements as Facebook, these are still significant numbers for a business-focused site to have regarding a video game.

What to Know

It’s clear from the past two weeks that not only has Pokémon Go been a success for Nintendo and gamers, but it’s provided a plethora of content for publishers and marketers of nearly every vertical.
Over here at NewsWhip, we love seeing “The Next Big Thing” take off in Spike. Watching a trend start and quickly go viral is addictive.


Content creators can find these trends too and determine the best story around it that their brand or publication can tell to their audience. Content based on viral hits that is both relevant and delivers a value to your audience, is content that’s successful.

Discover what stories will hit big with your audience with a free trial of Spike


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