The Top Publisher Videos on Facebook and How They Do It

June 28, 2016

Written by NewsWhip

What are the top native videos on Facebook? We explore how publishers are diving into Facebook’s favorite format.

The future is video.
At least, video’s what Mark Zuckerberg, social media platforms, and publishers have been championing for the past year.
A Facebook executive recently said that within five years, a user’s News Feed might be entirely video
This in mind, we decided to analyze the top performing videos on Facebook to see how they’re getting viral attention and having a major impact.
We looked at videos published on Facebook between March 1st and June 27th, 2016. With over one million videos to analyze from that time period, we were keen to spot the trends.

video article count June 16

As we can see from NewsWhip Analytics, video production on Facebook is increasing rapidly. But how to create good video, that people want to watch and share? We took a look at how publishers have been seeing success with Facebook video.
Looking at the highest engaging Facebook videos for news publishers between March 1st and June 27th, 2016, some of our top ranking Facebook publishers make the cut.

top video FB March June 2016

Many of these stories are “feel good” pieces, human interest or quirky science stories. Current events and politics also make the list, such as the tragic killings in Orlando this past month.
Even if we look at the top videos of just the past week from publishers, the trends remain the same.

top video Facebook mid late June 2016

People are drawn to happy stories, videos that show something they wouldn’t see everyday, and stories that that make them react emotionally. Try NewsWhip Spike to find the videos going viral right now. 

Facebook Reactions

When we looked at all Facebook video, not just from news publishers, we noticed a shift toward a bigger use of Facebook reactions.
As expected, 90.8% of the Facebook reactions came from the standard like. However, reactions appear to be on the rise, from the typically incremental numbers we’ve seen in the past.
Love was the most popular reaction, with 4.6% of total likes and reactions. Ha-Ha (2.1%) and Wow (1.4%) were second and third, respectively.
If we dive into the videos by reaction, it becomes a way to take the emotional temperature of the digital world.

top Facebook video reaction publishers

Genuinely funny or absurd content sparks the ha-ha reaction. People are apt to click wow for scientific or quirky animal content, and the love reaction is often used for sentimental, impassioned, or nostalgic videos.
Tragedies like the Orlando shooting drive sad reactions, while atrocities toward other humans, like the Stanford rape case, spur angry reactions.

Video Savvy Publishers

Looking at the top hundred engaging videos, we see the same publishers again and again. An eclectic mix of digital natives and traditional publishers, it’s interesting to see who has the most videos at the top.

publishers top video FB June 16

NowThis had the most content in the top 100 most engaging Facebook videos that we analyzed, followed by the Daily Mail and Huffington Post.
[fb_pe url=”” bottom=”30″]
This video about edible utensils is their most popular video since March 1st. It has been viewed over 79.5 million times since publication.
Short, with captions, interesting visuals and interviews, it drove over 845,000 likes and reactions, 1.21 million shares, and 31,000 comments. NowThis engaged their audience further by sharing info about the utensils in the comments.
Publishers like NowThis, who can combine compelling content with the best video practices in the rapidly evolving digital landscape are the ones that see tremendous engagement.

Finding the Winning Tactics

The biggest videos outside of news publishers, come from sources like BuzzFeed Tasty and UNILAD. Tasty’s successes come from short and simple recipe videos, which are captioned, square, and easy-to-follow.
Publishers are following suit. Both soft and hard news are being adapted to this easy-to-digest format.
[fb_pe url=”” bottom=”30″]
This video from the Huffington Post, paying tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting, was viewed nearly 31.1 million times. A tragic story, it still struck a chord on Facebook, with over 621,000 likes and reactions, 533,000 shares, and 12,000 comments.
For publishers, it’s advantageous to not only follow the videos that you and your competitors are creating, but the videos getting the most engagement across industries and verticals.
Which ones are getting the most comments? Shares? Ha-Ha reactions? Identify the tactics that the social signals are buzzing around and you can boost your own engagement by incorporating them.
Social media lets you pioneer your content in all sorts of ways. Learning which best practices to use from your data gives you the tools to succeed.

Explore the top videos on the web right now with a free trial of NewsWhip Spike

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