How NewsWhip Spike Makes SEO Research Effortless

By   |   June 6th, 2016   |   Reading time: 2 minutes Brands, Product Announcements

With Spike’s new export feature, finding the trending keywords in your industry has never been easier. 

How do you find SEO terms for your content? Billions of content pieces are published everyday. In so much digital noise, it’s essential that yours has the right keywords.

You want to direct your audience through the proverbial haystack to find your needle as effortlessly as possible. But there’s more that keywords can reveal.

By analyzing your industry’s keyword needs, you’ll discover not only the terms and phrases to use to target your market, but what your audience truly cares about. Keywords help ensure that your content is getting engagement and traction from the right people.

So how do we get started? One way is to look at what’s working for your competitors and content that’s already hit viral gold.

So do you sift through endless content to do so? Or do you find a tool to help you?

We’ve been using NewsWhip Spike’s new panel export functionality to help with our SEO efforts.

iot panel newswhip spike

Check out this panel on Spike for articles containing the phrase “Internet of Things” over the past week. It’s great that we can see at a bird’s eye level what stories are pushing the conversation right now in technology, but we can drill down to find the valuable keywords helping those stories along.

If we export this, we can look at the keywords for all this viral content.

iot export spike

(click for full size)

Above are the top “Internet of Things” articles based on total engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The keyword output is clean, and with an easy find command, we can see which keywords are most commonly used, and most successful.

For SEO agencies and SEO directors at large companies, this feature can save endless time sorting and sifting for keywords that will actually make a difference for your content.

This can work for any industry or interest. Fitness brands can find the search terms engaging yoga-enthusiasts. Auto brands can check out what’s getting their fans’ hearts revving. Clothing and beauty brands can spot the keywords that are driving new trends.

It’s hard to find a reason to not research your market’s ideal SEO terms.

Let’s summarize. Why should we care about SEO research?

Analyzing keywords gives you the ability to respond to changes in your industry, and predict the shifts in what your audience is searching for and what they currently are in demand of. It’s gold for marketers and agencies.

Even publishers can benefit from this intelligence, to see the stories getting attention right now and how they’re being found. Don’t waste another minute. Check it out in Spike now.

Take a free trial of Spike now, and find the search terms that are engaging your audience


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