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Slack + Spike = Better Together

By   |   March 21st, 2016   |   Reading time: 2 minutes Product Announcements

NewsWhip Spike meets Slack with our newest feature. 

Why Slack?

Slack has revolutionised communications in many businesses, not least in media as more publishers and companies are “slacking”. Many publishers use it to track a stories’ progress, receive publication notifications, and increase transparency between bureaus. Zach Seward, vice president of product and executive editor at Quartz describes their editorial process with Slack to Nieman Lab:

“…a few have more regimented systems: You go into the assignments channel and say, ‘here’s what I’m working on, how many words, when it’s likely to come in,’ so it’s visible to the rest of the newsroom that someone’s on the story.”

Here at NewsWhip we are big Slack fans; we use dedicated channels to communicate between offices, report bugs, and collaborate on projects. As well as gloat over our March Madness wins:


With this in mind, and in our quest to enable team collaboration within Spike, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved Slack integration. With this new feature, you can send stories directly to any Slack user or channel before you even have your daily round table.

This allows you to ping breaking news stories to your editorial channels, monitor stories social journey by adding them to Slackbot, and find trending images and videos to add to existing articles.

With our new integration you can tag colleagues and add comments to provide context to the content you’re pushing:


How does it work?

When you find a great story in Spike that you want to share with your team, just click ‘Share’ beneath the story. When you do, you’ll see a new ‘Slack’ option.

You’ll have a choice of sending the story to any channel or user of your choice and to add comments for your team. The story’s summary, social stats, and your comments will immediately post to the channel or user you selected.

You’ll need to authorize your Slack account if this is your first time.

This is part of our ongoing mission to integrate Spike into your workflow, helping you save time and effort with your content discovery.

Try Spike now to start sharing stories in your Slack channels


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