We reveal the most engaged sites on Facebook in June 2015, with data for the top 25 publishers. 
After a few months of absence, we’re back with the biggest Facebook publishers of the month.
The picture is somewhat changed since we last looked at these rankings at the end of 2014.
These were the top ten for the month, based on total shares of their stories in June:
Amongst the most shared publishers of the month were some familiar names: The Huffington Post in the lead, followed by BuzzFeed. Fox News, NBC, Yahoo and more also feature.
Less familiar will probably be Little Things and Diply. Both are focused on viral content, and seem to be attracting significant volumes of Likes, suggesting heavy engagement in the news feed. But as the above chart shows, their share numbers are also significant, and have grown fast in the last few months.
Describing itself as providing ‘Inspiring, Uplifting & Engaging Content’, Little Things’ biggest story of the month was an archetypal viral story involving a dog, a journey, and a photographer. It had over 1 million Facebook engagements for the month.
Another notable inclusion is political site the Conservative Tribune, which racked up well over 3.7 million shares of its content in June. With the race for nominations already under way, we’re likely to see a few lucrative months of Facebook engagement for many political sites.
At the top, there’s a gap of less than a million shares between the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed for June, the closest the two have been in recent times. There was less than a 10% gap between both in overall engagement in June (see below).
Traditional news sites the Guardian, NBC and Fox all stay in the top ten, where they’re joined by the BBC.
Despite being responsible for some of the most viral content on Facebook this year, Playbuzz has become a platform where publishers create and embed ‘Playful Content’ for their audiences, rather than being publisher itself. As such, they asked not to be included in these rankings.
The Washington Post also had two big wins on Facebook in June, with their stories about the Charleston shooting (493,000 engagements) and a piece on century-old chalkboard drawings that were uncovered in an Oklahoma school (almost 550,000 interactions). Both stories were among the biggest on Facebook in June, helping the Post come in at 20th overall for the month. Business site Quartz also had a story in the top league last month, titled ‘Working moms have more successful daughters and more caring sons‘, which picked up almost 480,000 engagements over the month.
Further down the list, a new name is the Indian Express, a news site which also makes up the bulk of its total engagements through Likes.

The Influence of Native Posts Grow

Since last publishing these rankings, we’ve added Facebook posts to Spike. This has allowed us to look at engagement on ‘native’ content, or images and videos posted directly to Facebook by publishers, with no external link.
The top video in our database for June was a short clip from BuzzFeed Food that attracted 2.1 million shares (and watched 80 million times) in May. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed’s most shared story of the month (‘23 Signs You’ve Actually Become Part Of Your Best Friend’s Family‘) had just over 440,000 total engagements during the month.
On top of this, since we last published these rankings at the start of 2015, talk has shifted to Facebook Instant Articles, and their imminent rise. After having looked at the engagement numbers around the first barrage of Instant Articles, we haven’t seen too many more come our way since.
Just two new Instant Articles, from the Guardian and Germany’s Bild, appearing on Facebook’s dedicated Instant Articles page since May. We’ve heard that these posts are still being tested rigorously by Facebook engineers, and it could be some time yet before the feature is being deployed regularly. Recent reports suggest that “the articles have only been available to a small test audience of 5% of iOS mobile users in the U.S,” which explains their continuing lack of visibilty.
Once the tests conclude however, we’re likely to see increased engagement around stories with an ‘Instant’ component.
You can check out the full engagement figures for the top 25 sites in June below.

Where the Data Comes From

All the data comes from Spike, our content discovery platform. We’re tracking the stories that matter around the world in real time – Sign up for a free trial today.
Data for the top 25 sites below. For more on our methodology, see this blog post
While we strive for complete coverage, sometimes we will miss some content for some publishers. If it looks to you like we’re missing something, please feel free to drop us a line.

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