Total tweets for many of the bigger sites declined somewhat in November, but there was still plenty of competition for the top 25 places. 

In October, we saw the BBC break records by becoming the first publisher to achieve over 4 million tweets. November’s figures see some frog-leaping and place-swapping amongst the top ten, but overall there wasn’t a huge amount of change.

This month:

  • The BBC retains first place, while NBC rank at 10th,
  • The Guardian and Bleacher Report climb to their highest positions yet,
  • Total tweets decline for many publishers.

Via Spike, here are the top 10 for November, ranked by total tweets for content published last month:

Twitter November 2014

The BBC’s total dropped off slightly on their October high of over 4 million, but it wasn’t a major decline. They had a number of highly-tweeted stories, but not the huge numbers seen in recent months. They come close to ending the year comfortably ahead of their nearest rivals, with no realistic challenger to be seen during 2014. Unlike what we’ve seen in the Facebook rankings, the BBC’s hegemony at the top of the Twitter pile looks complete.

The New York Times remained in second place, with over 2.2 million tweets. Their most-tweeted story of the month was a piece titled ‘Alex From Target: The Other Side Of Fame‘ (25,000 tweets), which reported in-depth on a viral craze that swept the web last month. Other popular Twitter stories for the Times included pieces on the comet landing (10,500 tweets), states’ thanksgiving recipes (10,100 tweets), and an interview with Jaden and Willow Smith (9,700 tweets).

The Guardian moved up a spot ahead of CNN to take fourth place, which is its highest position since we started publishing this data. That’s despite a decline on October’s numbers, and no notable stories appearing in the most-tweeted list. That would indicate that Guardian stories are getting a consistent tweet rate, which is vital in increasing overall engagement.

US Sports site Bleacher Report maintained their strong performance, rising to seventh overall. Bleacher Report have really come to the fore in these rankings in the latter half of the year. Here’s how their climb looked over the four months since August:

bleacher report 2014 growth

BR are now an established publisher on Twitter, with numerous stories in the most-tweeted list for last month. In tandem with their 10th spot overall in the Facebook rankings, it was a strong month for the site’s social media team.

NBC came in at tenth, displacing Forbes. Helping NBC News was a highly-tweeted piece on ‘Alex From Target’, that attracted 33,000 tweets. The UK Telegraph climbed to 11th, closing in for their first top 10 spot.

The most-tweeted stories of the month were dominated by Ferguson-related news.

FiveThirtyEight’s analysis of the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson was tweeted over 51,600 times – the second most-tweeted story of the month. Complex, CNN and USA Today were also among the sites that had heavily tweeted Ferguson stories last month.

Elsewhere, the India Times continue to climb, to 23rd, and music and entertainment site Complex enter the top 25 for the first time. As mentioned above, their coverage of the Ferguson case was widely tweeted.

Next on the blog, we’ll be crowning some of the best performing sites on the social web over the last 12 months, based on what our data has told us. We’re calling them ‘the Whippies’, and there are plenty of categories up for grabs.

How NewsWhip Compile This Data

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Data for the top 25 sites below. For more on our methodology, see this blog post

Note: Figures for the Wall Street Journal are unavoidably absent this month. We hope to have close to full coverage for the WSJ for the next rankings.

While we strive for complete coverage, sometimes we will miss some content for some publishers. If it looks to you like we’re missing something or have our numbers wrong, feel free to drop us a line

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