The Biggest LinkedIn Publishers of October 2014

November 20, 2014

Written by NewsWhip

We rank the most-shared sites on LinkedIn in October, and find out what kind of content does really well on the professional network.

The last time we looked at the most-shared sites on LinkedIn was back in May. There’s been growth in the meantime, and a slight re-arranging of the tables. Here were the top ten last month:

LinkedIn October 2014

Forbes maintain their place at the top of the list, now with over 450,000 shares. They’re followed by the New York Times and Business Insider.

The most-shared story of the month was Business Insider’s ‘The World’s 100 Most Desirable Employers,‘ with over 7,000 shares. Mashable have been leap-frogged by the Huffington Post and, who take third and fourth place., TechCrunch, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg are all sites that don’t come near the upper reaches of the Facebook rankings, but are represented in LinkedIn’s top 10.

Further down, the Financial Times will be pleased to enter the top 20, with over 88,100 shares. It’s also interesting to see Reuters in the mix, as their consumer-focused offerings make more of an impact.

Content-wise, there is very little news in the most-shared stories list. Many of the most popular headlines share common language – ‘Change’, ‘Essential’, ‘Habits’. It’s a place to browse work-related content, and that’s very evident among the most-shared stories from all lists.

Many of the stories that leaders Forbes posts to their 200,000+ LinkedIn followers fit this category. They’re carefully selecting what works on the network, and understand the environment of their readers – looking for career advice, industry information, or sometimes just refreshing on what’s new while actually in work.

But there’s another important player in the content game on LinkedIn – the network itself. LinkedIn blogposts, many of which are contributed by industry insiders, now attract thousands of LinkedIn shares every month. Here were the 10 most-shared stories from LinkedIn over the past 30 days, with their share numbers (click for bigger):

most shared linkedin october 2014

As you can see, these posts are getting thousands more shares than many articles from external sites. It’s an interesting position, and one which publishers don’t (yet) have to worry about as much for Twitter and Facebook. This week, we heard about Facebook’s plans for the office for the first time. There were scant details about the project, but it’ll be interesting to see what, if any, designs that Facebook have on LinkedIn’s share of the professional social space.

Check out the top 20 LinkedIn publishers for last month below, and get in touch if you’d like any more specific data about publishers across any network.

Where Do We Get the Data?

All the data comes from our professional content discovery platform, Spike. Spike is used by some of the world’s leading digital newsrooms and publishers to find the stories that their readers care about. Among other things, Spike shows the most engaging stories on LinkedIn, in real time.

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