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Wegmans Is Opening 10 New Stores

The cult of Wegmans fanatics is about to get a bit bigger. The Rochester, New York-based grocery store chain will open 10 new stores over the next two years, according to the Associated Press. The new stores will be in Virginia, Massachusetts, Ne...

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GoldenBeck Interview with Claire Beck

For listeners of Phantom FM you’ll no doubt already be familiar with Claire Beck who was one of the DJ’s with them and now hosts the daytime programme on TXFM, it’s incarnation. Claire Beck and Ros Madigan both work with GoldenPlec a music website and “labour of love” that was founded in 2002 to give more coverage and reviews to all acts around Ireland, big and small, and now together they have launched a new series of gigs in order to give acts even more exposure.

3 hrs ago

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Seaweed Beer Now Exists to Fulfill All of Your Kelp-Based Ale Dreams | Devour The Blog: Cooking Channel's Recipe and Food Blog

Beer can be made from a great many ingredients, including coffee, chocolate and, uh, even brains. However, until now, there has been no significant push to make beer out of seaweed. This is probably because people tend to view seaweed as that annoying stuff you get your foot stuck in at the beach and not a delicious ingredient for adult beverages. One Maine brewery sees things a bit differently. The Marshall Wharf Brewing Company just released a new beer called Sea Belt. The brew starts with a...

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