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Judge Jeanine: ISIS Most Serious Threat this Nation has EVER Faced

As President Obama prepares to deal with the serious threat posed by ISIS with a weak response hinging on a thrown-together plan riddled with ambiguous policies, objectives and ill-defined goals, the rest of America waits to see if ISIS will strike at America while Obama golfs. On Saturday, the always-candid Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News…

9 hrs ago

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Krauthammer: Obama is ‘Clearly a Narcissist’ Who ‘Lives in a Cocoon Surrounded by Sycophants’

In a recent interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer offered a reasoned analysis of President Obama and his policies and asserted that Obama was “clearly a narcissist.” Worse yet, this grandiose vision of himself is only made worse by the fact that Obama lives in a “cocoon surrounded by sycophants”…

16 hrs ago

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Can you find the dogs hidden master?

A very tough one from Victorian times. Can you find the dogs hidden master?  Leave a comment if you see it but don’t read comments until you've tried it for yourself.

11 hrs ago

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Greg’s Guns: The Top Five Combat Rifles of All Time

Every gun-enthusiast has an opinion on the best combat rifles. Countless forums are dedicated to never-ending arguments with one stranger trading barbs with another, offering their perspectives on rifles. To stir the pot of our readers, TPNN has created a list of the top five combat rifles based upon highly-subjective criteria that is sure to inspire…

15 hrs ago

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In wake of intruder, Secret Service will increase White House security |

The Secret Service is beefing up surveillance and protection of the White House grounds after a man managed to jumped the North Lawn fence and sprint inside the mansion. In a statement, Secret Service spokesman Douglas Stone said there will be a “comprehensive review” of the response to the intruder, a man they have identified as Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas. In addition, Stone said, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has ordered the “immediate enhancement of officer patrols...

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Experts: ISIS Destroying Ancient Archaeological Sites to Sell Artifacts on Black Market

The Islamic State captured Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in July, and within the month, reports surged that the jihadist terror group had either occupied or destroyed every Christian institution in the city. Not just the Christian legacy is threatened by their presence, however-- thousands of years of civilization may be destroyed under the group's reign of terror.

59 mn ago

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