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Just 20% of 2014 voters favor Obama |

President Obama isn’t on the ballot this fall, but voters say they'll be turning out to oppose him. Thirty-two percent of registered voters see the midterm elections as a vote against Obama, compared to just 20 percent in favor, with the midterm elections less than two weeks away. Forty-five percent of voters do not consider the president a factor in their ballots, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. By comparison, 30 percent of registered voters in mid-October 2010 thought of their...

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VIDEO: Michael Brown Family in War Over T-Shirt Business; Fight Ensues, One Beaten with Metal Pipe

Michael Brown’s family has gone on record saying that they did not want him to be used for business or political gain. However, they openly welcomed the politicization of the Brown shooting by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, activist Attorney General Eric Holder and community agitating president Barack Obama. When it comes to business profiting off…

9 hrs ago

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Bullied Teen Lands In Hospital After Being Beaten, School Presses Charges – Against Bullied Teen

Called "gay" and "faggot" for years, 14-year old Eric Martin was bullied so severely that one day, while cornered, he fought back. Several of his classmates beat him so badly he spent nearly two weeks in the hospital. Now, the school is pressing charges – against Eric. Tammy Motola, Eric's family advocate, explains what's happening, and it will frighten you.

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202 Sells For Big Bucks

Two Las Vegas entrepreneurs attempting to sell the rights to succeeded in selling to the highest bidder -- literally. Chris Hood and Jon Schultz paid $13,500 for the rights to back in 2008 and have just sold it to a company cal...

2 hrs ago

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