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Guadalajara's Tortas Ahogadas Will Fix Your Hangover

The people of Guadalajara know what they want in a sandwich. The torta ahogada—a pork-stuffed baguette swamped in so much spicy salsa that it must be eaten with a spoon—is a local hangover cure and a compelling reason to skip church.

5 hrs ago

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How to Make Cocktails at Home: The Essential Serious Eats Guide to Cocktail Technique

So it's getting to booze o'clock, and you're ready for a drink, but you're new to the mixing game and you're not quite sure how to get started. You've come to the right place: after three and a half years of writing about cocktail technique on Serious Eats, I've gathered my tips, essential pointers, and the wisdom of a few stellar bartenders into one handy guide.

4 hrs ago

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How to Make Quick and Easy Italian-American Red Sauce That Tastes Slow-Cooked

There are times when you can stand over the stove all day, slowly cooking that red sauce down. Then there are times when you need to put dinner on the table in under an hour. For those moments when convenience trumps patience, this is the red sauce to turn to. Simmered with plenty of garlic, dried oregano, red pepper flakes, and basil, this sauce can be whipped up in no time but still has that deep, rich, long-cooked flavor.

6 hrs ago

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Fall Is Here And It's Time To Feast

Yes, it's true, summer has come to an end. But don't freak out because it's actually kind of a good thing. Sure, it's sad to say goodbye to the grill outs, summer berries and all that ice cream. But fall means apple pie a la mode, big bowls of soup a...

9 hrs ago

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Your Guide To Dining From The Dump

Maximus Thaler really puts his money (or at least, his morals) where his mouth is when it comes to food waste. He's a dumpster diver. And he's happy to share tips for foraging from trash bins safely.

5 hrs ago

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