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Scientists use E.coli bacteria to create fossil fuel alternative

British and Finnish scientists have found a way of generating renewable propane using a bacterium widely found in the human intestine and say the finding is a step to commercial production of a fuel that could one day be an alternative to fossil fuel reserves. "Although we have only produced tiny amounts so far, the fuel we have produced is ready to be used in an engine straight away," said Patrik Jones of the department of life sciences at Imperial College London, who worked on the research. He...

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U.S. CDC says Ebola threatening stability of affected countries

The Ebola outbreak is threatening the stability of affected and neighboring countries in West Africa and swift action is needed to scale up the "massive" response that will be required to tamp it down, the head of the U.S. He said the current outbreak now affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria is "threatening the stability" of affected and neighboring countries.

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Ukraine may need bigger bailout if conflict continues in 2015: IMF

Ukraine will not be able to meet all of its targets under a $17 billion IMF loan program due to the ongoing fighting in the country's eastern region and a gas dispute with Russia, the IMF said on Tuesday. The IMF warned that if the fighting continued into next year, Ukraine may need as much as $19 billion in additional financing from donors.

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US Air Force's Secretive X-37B Space Plane Passes 600 Days in Orbit

Air Force's mysterious unmanned space plane has winged beyond 600 days in orbit on a classified military mission that seems to have no end. The X-37B space plane is carrying out the Orbital Test Vehicle-3 (OTV-3) mission, a long-duration cruise that marks the third flight for the unpiloted Air Force spaceflight program. The Air Force launched the miniature space shuttle into orbit on Dec. 11, 2012 using an expendable Atlas 5 rocket. By the end of Friday (Aug. 29), the space plane had spent 627...

7 hrs ago

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Cave Carving May Be 1st Known Example of Neanderthal Rock Art

Around 39,000 years ago, a Neanderthal huddled in the back of a seaside cave at Gibraltar, safe from the hyenas, lions and leopards that might have prowled outside. Archaeologists discovered this enigmatic carving during an excavation of Gorham's Cave two years ago. "This was intentional — this was not somebody doodling or scratching on the surface," said study researcher Clive Finlayson, director of the Gibraltar Museum. They were the closest known relatives of modern humans, and recent...

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A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

In a finding that upends long-held notions about a healthy diet, a major study shows that avoiding carbohydrates and eating more fat contributes to weight loss and fewer cardiovascular risks.

22 hrs ago

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Inside China’s Dwarf Empire

In the mountains of southern China, there is a dwarf-themed amusement park where 100 little people sing and dance for gawping tourists twice a day. Photographer Sanne De Wilde tells Sean O’Hagan what happened when she went behind the scenes at this extraordinary fantasy world

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