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Madonna and daughter dine in Ann Arbor restaurant Cafe Felix

Pop Icon Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon have already begun making the rounds in Ann Arbor as the pair ate dinner Sunday at Café Felix. The seven-time Grammy winner came in shortly before the dinner rush Sunday and stayed for about an hour according to David Ambrose, the bar manager at the restaurant.

4 hrs ago

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Fries with Your Misogyny, Madam? — Food Stories

Almost Famous is the name of a chain of restaurants serving burgers that aren’t very good. That doesn’t bother me, because I just don’t go there. What does bother me is the way they go about their business, because when it comes to decorating their restaurants, video advertising on their website or naming the dishes on […]

6 hrs ago

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State Halts Raw Milk Sales from Idaho Dairy | Food Safety News

The sale of raw milk from Treasured Sunrise Acres in Parma, ID, has been put on hold until further notice by the Idaho Department of Agriculture after recently testing positive for Cryptosporidium. Milk from Treasured Sunrise Acres tested positive for the parasite the week of Aug. 24, according to news reports. Two Canyon County residents who... Continue Reading

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3 Cool Watermelon Recipes for Labor Day

Everyone loves watermelon for the most obvious reason - they are refreshing and delicious. But, did you know that watermelon has some amazing health benefits too. Watermelon contains 92 percent of water and there are naturally occurring electrolytes in the watermelon too, so after your next workout consider having a watermelon instead of gatorade. Here, are three fun ways to turn watermelon into refreshing party dishes.

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Recipe: Choco-Green Smoothie

A sweet, creamy, chocolatey and nutritious green smoothie. It is an energizing smoothie that uses a blend of cacao nibs and cocoa powder for a rich, chocolatey - flavor. Deciding on your greens is important. I tend to rotate between spinach, collard greens, kale, and romaine for my green smoothies. It’s actually really important to switch up your greens since some of them are high in oxalic acid and, besides, variety is the spice of life, no?

2 hrs ago

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