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Updating the Portfolio: Artist Renders His Own Childhood Sketches

If design school served you well, the sketches you were cranking out senior year should've been a damn sight better than your freshman scribbles. As your skills continue to develop, is there anything more painful for a creative than to look back at your early work? Do you save your lame renderings from 2004 for posterity, or junk them because they're no longer representative of your current skillset? Dutch artist Telmo Pieper saved his drawings from childhood—and, amusingly, updated

14 hrs ago

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oPhone: Because Nothing Says 'Thinking of You' More Than a Personalized Scent to Go with That Picture of Your Breakfast

As if we don't have enough meal sharing on social media as it is. It seems that you can't go more than five seconds on Instagram without scrolling upon some carefully composed food porn, whether it's a homemade dessert or a food truck delicacy. Now, the oPhone Duo promises to add another smelly layer to oversharing in the form of a scent-based system that allows people to send along a customized whiff with their snapshots. With over 300,000 different

16 hrs ago

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