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World rallies to free Australian refugee massacre survivor

Uzbek farmer Dilorom Abdukadirova was arrested, jailed and likely tortured for fleeing a massacre by her own government.She was one of thousands of poverty-stricken Uzbekistan citizens who gathered in Andijan in May, 2005, to meet with their President, Instead, they were confronted with gunfire.“Maybe 5,000 people sat in the city square waiting for the president to come all day," English tutor and friend to Abdukadirova, Carolyn Hemer, told SBS.

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US school shooter's ominous, tragic social media posts

The gunman, identified as Jaylen Fryberg, left a series of tortured posts on Twitter in the months leading up to his attack in Washington state, hinting that a failed romance may have been the catalyst for the shooting that left one dead and three critically wounded.The rampage ended when he took his own life.Social media posts painted a portrait of a teenager well used to handling firearms, with one image on Instagram showing him brandishing a hunting rifle.

10 hrs ago

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Google exec makes record skydive from edge of space

The record dive by 57-year-old Alan Eustace, who is a "senior vice president of knowledge" at Google, was conducted as part of the Stratospheric Explorer project to allow manned exploration of the stratosphere above 100,000 feet.According to a statement from the Paragon Space Development Corporation, Eustace completed the four-hour mission over Roswell, New Mexico, using a specially designed space suit and balloon module to carry him to the stratosphere.

9 hrs ago

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Comment: Will artificial wombs mean the end of pregnancy?

Sigmund Freud famously maintained that boys grow up with “castration anxiety,” or the fear of losing their penises, while girls suffer from “penis envy,” or a longing to have penises of their own. But what if pregnancy envy, not penis envy, has been the central driver of human history?

15 hrs ago

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