These were the top Spanish-language publishers at the end of 2022

January 19, 2023

Written by Kimberly Monitto

Close to 8% of the world’s population speaks Spanish. With North American, Latin American, Central American, and European publishers all writing in the language, it’s no wonder Spanish-language publications found great success towards the end of 2022. 

We took a look back at the top publishers and articles from this time. Our rankings are determined by using NewsWhip’s Spike and API technology, which accumulates the aggregated likes, shares, and comments on content produced by outlets in the rankings. 

Here’s what we found:

The top publishers in Spanish during December 2022

The graph below shows the top websites from November 29th to December 29th 2022.

The top Spanish-language articles in December 2022, ranked by engagement

Between November and December of 2022 Univision, the United States’ largest provider of Spanish language content, was the top publisher with 8.16M interactions. Following directly behind was CiberCuba, a Cuban based publisher who garnered 8.08M interactions; impressive for a country-specific news provider. 

Rounding out the top five was Infobae with 7.3M, Argentinian specific TN Argentina with 7.15M, and Peruvian national publisher La Republica with 6.9M. 

Univision’s top articles of the month varied. The top highlighted Mexican actress Fernanda Castilla’s birthday party for her son (149.6k), with the second about a son attempting to help his unemployed mother by selling his things (125.1k). An article about soccer superstar Lionel Messi’s children rounded out the top three (94.5k).

CiberCuba had similar topics as Univision. Their top story highlighted a boy with leukemia receiving a visit from motorcyclists (127.8k), followed by a Cuban comedian celebrating his birthday (106.5k), and ended with a puppy reuniting with his family (86k). 

Infobae’s top article was about a viral moment between Lionel Messi and a journalist (72.6k), followed by an article about Argentina’s win against Australia (72.1k), and an Argentinian influencer announcing the birth of her child in the middle of the World Cup final (61.7k).  

The top Spanish-language articles during Q4 2022

We also looked back at the top articles overall during the last three months of 2022, and there was a wide variety of coverage.

The top Spanish-language articles in Q4 2022

Engagements on Spanish-language articles were significantly higher than we’ve seen with other languages aside from English. Within the top ten we saw some familiar faces; Clarin amassed almost 400k interactions with their stories about a woman who saw her boss on a flight and an animal scientist, while Univision snuck into the tenth spot with 154.9k engagements due to an article that explained why women were lining up to dance with a certain Mexican dancer

As we’ve seen, during this time stories about Argentina’s World Cup win saw major engagements. In fact, the top story between October and December was from Dinero e Imagen, highlighting the journey of an Argentinian man staying in the mansion of a Qatari sheik during the tournament (289.6k). We also saw Bioguia writing about Adele proclaiming her love for Messi (161.4k). 

Spanish-language publishers achieved success because of the versatility of publications. From widespread Spanish language stories to country specific news, engagements were high and often. There is no doubt this trend will continue for these companies throughout 2023. 

Interested in other website rankings? Check out our November Facebook rankings here.

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