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From CrowdTangle to NewsWhip

Keep the Facebook engagement data you’re used to from CrowdTangle and discover web & social content faster using NewsWhip.

CrowdTangle users can get access to NewsWhip for up to 50% off rate card until June 30th.

Make the move to NewsWhip

Add NewsWhip to your monitoring and reduce the time it takes to discover new content, and predict which stories will go viral. All while keeping rich Facebook engagement data that you’re used to with CrowdTangle.

Who is using NewsWhip Spike?


The largest media outlets across the world use NewsWhip’s real-time web & social tracking to find breaking stories.

Not For Profit

The NFP sector are leveraging the breadth of engagement data available on NewsWhip Spike to track engagement with key topics.

Media Researchers

Researchers are using our web & social content monitoring along with public engagement data to track how the public engage with misinformation.

“Clegg pointed to third-party social media analytics tools, such as … NewsWhip, as resources the journalism community can use to analyze what’s going viral in CrowdTangle’s absence.”

Nick Clegg

President, Global Affairs at Meta

Axios, March 19th 2024

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Why Choose NewsWhip

The speed NewsWhip Spike tracks engagement with web & social content puts you ahead of the media cycle.


Real-time discovery of web and social content

Full access to Facebook engagement data

Coverage for every country & language

Powerful features that support misinformation research

Features that bring faster insights

Updated NewsWhip Spike Dashboard Builder

Full Facebook data

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform to offer full Facebook data outside of Facebook’s free tools.


Bring public interest and media interest together for a full understanding of any crisis, event, or trend. Learn more.

Real-time alerts

Real-time predictive alerts that keep you informed on the stories that matter when you’re not actively monitoring.

Metrics that matter

Metrics that tell you what matters right now and into the future, along with the standout articles on every topic.

Unlimited search

Our easy-to-use Boolean search has no usage limits, so your team aren’t punished for proactive media monitoring.

Real-time Twitter feeds

Bring Twitter content to your dashboard to track stories, conversations, and topics in real-time

Ready for real-time discovery?

CrowdTangle users can get access to NewsWhip for up to 50% off rate card until June 30th

Track every story through the social ecosystem

“The additional context from Reddit will help journalists discover new insights and angles to developing stories as NewsWhip tracks their trajectory through the social ecosystem.”

Jim Kennedy,
SVP of Strategy,
Associated Press

“NewsWhip Spike was probably the most useful tool to help us out in what we were doing. We always had this tension between ‘putting fuel on the fire’ or the question of ‘are we too late,’ and the story has traveled halfway around the world already. That was really where Spike came into its own.”

Sam Dubberly
Project Manager,

"NewsWhip's extensive database of sources has been instrumental in helping us see the bigger picture as we work to identify and debunk false content about Ukraine, but also locally in Georgia."

Sandro Gigauri,
English Content Editor,
Media Development Foundation (MDF) Georgia

Stay ahead with NewsWhip Spike

Real-time discovery

Spot breaking stories faster than on any other platform

NewsWhip’s real-time discovery means that new articles are discovered in as little as 60 seconds and displayed in your dashboard feeds faster than any other platform.

Predictive engagement data

Quantify & predict interest in any topic every day

NewsWhip Spike tracks current public engagement with web articles and social posts in real time, as well as predicting public engagement, so you can identify how popular a story is up to 24 hours into the future.

Informative Metrics

Spot overperforming stories for big opportunities

NewsWhip’s unique metrics, such as Overperforming, help you find standout stories that are performing significantly better than we’d expect from our measurement of that publisher

Updated NewsWhip Spike Dashboard Builder

Broad Social Coverage

Find the social posts that are about to go viral

With coverage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube paired with metrics like Highest Velocity, you can find the most viral content at any point in time.

Updated NewsWhip Spike Dashboard Builder

Network coverage

NewsWhip adds web, Twitter, and YouTube monitoring on top of what CrowdTangle offers. There are some differences in the level of coverage available on the platforms that both NewsWhip and CrowdTangle track. See below for more detail.

Engagement metrics compared

Both NewsWhip and CrowdTangle offer Total Interactions and Overperforming metrics for content. NewsWhip adds unique metrics on top of these, with Highest Velocity and Predicted Interactions.


Why Fact-Checkers use NewsWhip 

Identify false or misleading information or narratives that are spreading quickly on individual platforms or across the social web.

Prioritize fact-checking based on the predicted engagement with the story.

Identify the publications and influencers engaging with false or misleading stories.

Monitor the output of specific websites or sources known to publish misleading or false content.

Measure the results of their fact-checking efforts by tracking engagement to social posts.

Determine the level of influence that content from questionable sources is having.

Escalate misinformation to platforms and government agencies when relevant.

Chat with us today

Speak with our team about making the move to real-time monitoring with full access to Facebook engagement data. CrowdTangle users can get up to 50% off rate card pricing until June 30th. 

During the call, we’ll explore how our unique technology can help you:

    Benchmark against other news outlets 

    See what news is resonating in real time

    Forecast if a story will dominate the news cycle

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