Intuitive | Enhanced | Instant: Three new ways to streamline your process with NewsWhip Spike

April 18, 2024

Written by Craig Hunter

This year, we’ve introduced a series of updates to NewsWhip Spike designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity across the platform.

Leading the charge is our new Report Builder. But that’s not all. Thanks to your feedback, we have made major improvements to the user experience across Spike. As a result, you’ll notice a smoother, more intuitive search functionality alongside revamped dashboard management.

Check out these three ways we’ve made improvements to how you bring instant insights to your organization.

1. Turn dashboards into executive-level insights with Report Builder

How many times have you caught yourself thinking: “If only I could convert this wildly complex data into clear, concise, executive-level reports at the touch of a button.” Well, consider it done. Our new Report Builder is that game-changer. 

One-click reporting: Report Builder effortlessly transforms your NewsWhip dashboards into detailed presentations. They’re ideal for high-stakes decision-making, and collated in just one click. 

Report Builder is designed to save time. How? By eliminating the drag of manual processes.

A gif showing Report Builder in action in NewsWhip Spike

Instead of taking screenshots and compiling separate reports, now you can:


  • Customize content: Add detailed descriptions and custom commentary to your slides. This ensures that every report is tailored to your audience’s needs.
  • Capture real-time data: Quickly consolidate the most relevant, up-to-date information, enriched with contextual analysis.
  • Share instantly: Export your insights with a single click into PDF or PowerPoint formats. Now, they’re ready to share with stakeholders and senior leadership promptly.

By simplifying report creation and giving decision-makers clear insights, this tool ensures swift and informed action during those crucial moments.

2. Easier and faster source addition with Search Enhancements

We’ve refined the search capabilities within Spike. The result? It’s more intuitive. As part of this process, we’ve introduced:

  • Tabbed network-specific sources: For better visibility and ease of use, sources are now organized in tabs, categorized by network.
  • Source suggestion expansion: By increasing your source pool to 20 options, we’re now offering an extended list of default suggestions.
  • Multi-selection capability: Simplify your search setup by selecting, or deselecting, multiple sources at once. This makes it easier to handle complex searches.

These updates aim to minimize the time you spend setting up searches. It allows you to dive deeper into your analysis with less effort upfront.

3. Easily organize your insights with Dashboard Groups

By introducing Dashboard Groups within Spike, we’re further enhancing the organization of your information. This update lets you manage and group your dashboards more efficiently:

  • Bulk creation of groups: Quickly select multiple dashboards and group them together, either into new or existing buckets.
  • Drag-and-drop menu: Our new sidebar menu enables easy management of your groups through a simple “drag-and-drop” interface.
  • Optional uptake: Prefer the classic layout? That’s not a problem, we have a handy option to bypass this new feature. Your homepage experience will stay unchanged until you’re ready. 

This functionality simplifies managing multiple dashboards efficiently. It promotes a cleaner, more organized interface tailored to your specific needs.

Key Takeaway:

We’re constantly refining our tools to keep you ahead of the game. Every update we make streamlines your access to valuable information — that’s our ongoing commitment. From crafting high-level reports to setting intricate searches and managing innumerable dashboards, our latest features are designed to supercharge your efficiency and effectiveness.

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Craig is the Customer Education Manager at NewsWhip, focusing on cross-functional collaborations to maximize user experience and success.

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