Custom Reports

Curated by experts, powered by NewsWhip

To make sure we’re delivering insights you can act on, we’re introducing custom reports, summaries, and deep dives in the formats and frequencies suited to your needs. These will be curated by experts and powered by the same great NewsWhip data you’ve come to expect.

Our suite of custom reports

Scorecard Report

A concise two-slide report tailored for senior leadership, offering a snapshot analysis of crucial data sets. Designed with optional commentary and key takeaways, this report encapsulates the critical highlights of a period or event.

Easy to distribute

Suitable for C-Suite Reports, Executive Summary

Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Wrap-Ups

Insights Report

An intermediate 15-slide report delving into diverse areas, enriched with multiple data visualizations and deeper commentary. This report goes beyond basic analysis, making it suitable to assess your brand’s media trajectory or benchmarking against primary competitors. Whether it’s a monthly review or an annual summary, this report offers a balance of depth and detail.

Includes multiple data visualizations and insight-level commentary

Provides scorecard-type Executive Summary

Suitable for Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Wrap-Ups

Deep Dive Report

Our most exhaustive offering, tailored specifically to shed light on every facet crucial to your brand. Spanning over 15-20 slides, this comprehensive report thrives on intricate data cross-referencing, meticulous textual insights, and bespoke evaluations. It’s the definitive choice if you’re looking for profound insights into your brand’s standing, especially in competitive landscapes or detailed campaign analysis.

Suitable for Quarterly / Annual Multi-layered Analysis,

Displays main KPIs examined in greater detail

Includes Executive Summary

NewsWhip has transformed how we monitor our business

"Newswhip is fast-moving, and instantly responsive, which is invaluable
when monitoring a live situation and sharing updates with key stakeholders. The insights the platform gives on predicted interactions, highest velocity etc. are also ideal for adding perspective to an unfolding story, and in helping us plan next reactive steps."

Global Communications Executive

Merlin Entertainments

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On the call we’ll explore:

The difference between our range of reports
The data used to power them
How to benefit from our alerts and digests
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