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The fastest and most complete social content discovery tool, predicting engagement and trends in real time.

Billions of breaking stories, posts and events delivered to you in a single dashboard. Forecast what will be big across the web and social today — anywhere in the world.

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 “It’s about getting insights that help us better understand what’s going on and enable us to be better storytellers. Spike is invaluable in helping us do this.”

The most powerful content analytics tool for social, with competitive performance data across all sites and platforms.

Understand how audiences interact with content in every vertical, over any time frame. Know what formats and narratives are proven to work for you and competitors.

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“NewsWhip Analytics helps give us numbers in context to the web at large, which is the most useful information you can give a writer or editor.”

NewsWhip's social media analytics give you

Faster Discovery

The only tool that tracks content within 90 seconds of publishing, with predictive algorithms to forecast what will get attention today.

Wider Coverage

The most expansive tracking of sites, authors, accounts and posts, across 5 social platforms, and hundreds of countries and topics.

Deeper Enrichment

The largest engagement database, enriched to provide insight into competitor strategy, seasonal trends and audience preferences.

The Full Picture

The only products that provide a central view of what’s already been covered, and of whitespace opportunities to capitalize on.

Join over 500 leading brands, publishers and agencies
using NewsWhip's social media monitoring tools.

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