Real-time monitoring

Top People & Brands

Our AI powered visualizations give comms professionals a new way to identify the key players dominating online conversations. It’s a real-time GPS to help you navigate complex public issues and an easy way for brands to compare themselves against their peers.

This widget offers three real-time visualizations to address your unique needs

Interest quadrant

Acting as your strategic radar, it plots individuals, brands, or subjects onto a quadrant based on their public and media interest levels. This allows swift identification of under-explored topics, potential high-interest stories, or areas of media-public misalignment.

Bar Graph

Instantly ranks individuals and brands by interest volume, providing real-time insights on influential players during events or crises.

Word Cloud

Highlights key individuals or brands, rapidly showcasing conversation dominance by size-based results by either interaction or article count.

Top People and Brands in Action

How Top People & Brands saves you time

Every month we report on the top brand coverage, and now we’re able to make that bigger, better, and more accurate than ever before.

Unilever in a sticky situation with Ben & Jerry’s

They were caught between a controversial tweet by Ben and Jerry’s about indigenous land rights, and criticism over their ongoing operations in Russia. Here’s a review of the brand story of the week🍦

Joe Rogan x Spotify

Twitter had the highest media and public interest due to comments from Elon Musk. Spotify entered the conversation after a doctor shared an article about the platform stopping its attempts to restrict vaccine misinformation.

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Learn more about how these innovative new visualisations will not only help you spot emerging opportunities but save you time too.

Image of Dashboard Sending screen in NewsWhip Spike real-time media monitoring platform

Identify the top people and brands in any topics

“NewsWhip’s Interest Quadrant is a GPS for how to navigate complex public issues and a map for brands to compare themselves against their peers – and their aspirational peers.”

Zach Silber

Head of insights and analytics, Subject Matter+Kivvit


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