Social Media Statistics

Top YouTube Video Genres

We also looked at the top one hundred most viewed videos on YouTube over the last month to determine what type of content is successful on the platform.

Influencer content was the most popular, followed by entertainment content and trailers. Entertainment content included clips of late night shows, as well as promotional materials, especially around movie releases. Trailers were also extremely prevalent on the platform, with seventeen movie and TV trailers appearing in the hundred most viewed videos.

Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Videos by Genre

  • Influencer: Individual that has built a native following 21% 21%
  • Entertainment: Late night shows, promotions 100% 100%
  • Trailer: Movie Trailers 17% 17%
  • Fashion: Bloggers, hauls 7% 7%
  • Music Video: Artists, Lyric Videos 7% 7%
  • Other: Politics, Science 28% 28%

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