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St. Patrick’s Day on Social Media: What to Know for 2018

In 2017, consumers spent $5.27 billion on St. Patrick’s Day, from food and drink to clothes and decorations, and that is expected to rise this year. We took a look at what social media trends emerged, and which brands over the industries stood out and were able to pique consumers’ interest across earned and owned content.

The 2018 Ultimate Guide to Building a Brand Newsroom

How can agencies and brands cultivate thriving communities around branded content? For brands, and the agencies that represent them, the digital disruption has one that has well, continued to disrupt. The role of the brand has inarguably evolved.

Valentine's Day 2018: Candy & Social Media

What were the biggest trends on social for Valentine’s Day? Which brands emerged the winners and losers for a day worth $18.2 billion dollars in spending? We took a look at the top candy brands for Valentine’s Day, examining Hershey’s, Nestle, Godiva, Ghirardelli, and more.

Super Bowl 2018: Food and Drink & Social Media

What were the biggest trends on social for food and drink brands around the 2018 Super Bowl? Which brands emerged the winners and losers for a day worth billions of dollars of consumer spending and hundreds of millions in ad spend? We took a look at the top food and drink brands for the Super Bowl, examining Doritos, M&M’s, and more.

Why Social Data Is Revolutionizing Earned Media

PR can be difficult when done the traditional way. AEV and Reach are limited in their scope, and building and using media lists can be an expensive time sink with hard to predict results. Our report highlights the engagement data that PR and marketing can use as a solution to that problem.

The 2018 Winter Olympics on Social

With unprecedented digital access to the games, we expect the Olympics to play out in bigger ways for content creators than ever before. We take a look at the top stories, publishers, and brands hyping up their audiences ahead of the games.

The Super Bowl on Social Media: What to Know for 2018

In 2017, consumers spent over $14 billion on merchandise for the Super Bowl, and brands spent more than $400 million to advertise in it. We took a look at what social media trends emerged, and which brands were most successful in driving the conversation and capturing the cultural moment.

Valentine's Day on Social Media: What to Know for 2018

In 2017, consumers spent $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. We took a look at what social media trends emerged, and which brands across gifts, evenings out, jewelry, and more, were able to pique consumers’ interest, both in 2017 and ahead of this year.

How Publishers and Brands Can Navigate Social Media Publishing in 2018

In our annual report, we gather what content creators should expect from social media platforms in 2018, featuring expert advice and predictions from leading newsrooms and brands.

Travel on Social: Trends and Insights

Given social media’s inspirational and visual nature, it’s the perfect place for travel content to thrive. In this report, we examine the top trends in travel content across web, Facebook, and Instagram, along with a peek at the most engaging travel brands.

CES on Social 2018
Retail Sales Promotion Report

CES is big news for electronics and tech every year. Brands can kick off the year on a high note, promoting their products and building buzz that will last. In our analysis, we discovered notable brands that were already capturing consumer attention on social.

Auto Brand Performance on Social

An analysis of the social activity of 20 of the biggest auto brands, including Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Honda. Insights into which of these brands performed best in terms of earned and owned media in Fall 2017, and the strategies they used to achieve that success.

How Legacy FinTech Brands Pioneer on Social

Actionable insights for FinTech brands. With Millennials and Gen Z being digital natives, how can financial brands best reach them? We take a look at the top FinTech brands on social and how they're using earned and owned media to connect with new audience.

Impact of Social Media on Black Friday Sales

We take a deeper look into what's driving sales on Black Friday across major retailers & brands, such as: Target, Dell, Walmart, Apple, Best Buy, Samsung, PlayStation, JC Penny, Macy's, Kmart, Gap, Nike and many more.

Retail Sales Promotion Report Black Friday and Cyber Monday

See how interest in Black Friday content generally has trended over the past two weeks across major retailers. There were notable winners in each category, driving tens of thousand of engagements over a two week period.

Toy Brands & Social Media Trends

In our newest report, we look at how toy companies have maximized their social media strategies.

What You Need to Know about Instagram: Fall 2017

Instagram has emerged as the social media platform of 2017, with exponential growth for publishers and brands alike. In our latest report, we uncover the top tactics that can help you new audiences and make sure your content is remembered.

Why Content and Social Data are the Keys to Influencing the B2B Buyer

In our B2B report, our data-driven insights reveal how leaders across B2B are using content marketing to increase lead generation, influence executive decision makers, manage their reputation, improve retention, and encourage advocacy.

Fashion and Beauty on Instagram

Instagram’s visual and inspirational platform is the perfect world for fashion and beauty content to thrive. As the platform adds feature after feature, the engagements only continue to grow for fashion and beauty.

The Top Sports Publishers on Social Media: Social Insights Report

How can sports publishers make their content stand out and score the ultimate goals on social media? We went into the data to find out.

Report: The Rise of Hyper-Political Publishers

Using social data, we investigated the rise of hyper-political sites during and beyond the US presidential election and what this means for the future of publishing.

What We've Learned from Three Years of Social Data

Insights and exclusive data on what’s working for sites and content formats on social media from NewsWhip’s social database.

What Publishers and Brands Should Expect from Social Media in 2017

NewsWhip’s new 30 page report on what publishers should expect from social media platforms in 2017 gathers the thoughts of media industry leaders in the US, Canada and Europe.

What You Need to Know for Facebook Publishing: Fall 2016

Our latest Facebook publishing insights. Everything content creators need to know to succeed on Facebook this fall: video, reactions, and mastering algorithms.

NewsWhip Survey: The State of Content and Social Strategy in 2016

The findings from our survey of over 260 media and marketing professionals about their biggest challenges, plans for the future, and what to look out for in the next year.

Political Communications on Social

A guide to strategy and engagement for politicians, campaigns, and publishers on social media from NewsWhip.

How to Score Major Sports Publishing Hits on Social

A social strategy guide for MLB, baseball and sports publishing from NewsWhip.

Football & Sports Publishing on Social

A social strategy guide for football and NFL publishing from NewsWhip and Playbuzz.

The NewsWhip Guide to Social Publishing Success

Everything you need to know about how to publish and win on the Social Web today.

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