Reddit data partnership

Explore what’s happening across Reddit’s network of more than 130,000 active communities, with access to full Reddit data on NewsWhip Spike.

Why Reddit matters for media and brand management

More than 130,000 active communities

With such a wide variety of communities known as subreddits, there is content relating to the topics that matter to you and NewsWhip helps you to discover it in real time.

graphic of Subreddits on Reddit
Image of Reddit and Top Comments

Over 430 million knowledgeable and expert users

Subreddits are composed of informed, knowledgeable, and often expert members. Discussion in subreddits frequently go into great detail on the topics that matter to your work, and NewsWhip brings that to your tech stack.

Image of Reddit and Top Comments

Open discussion and honest feedback

The conversation-based structure of Reddit creates rich insight. Having this data in NewsWhip gives you context on public perception on the topics that matter to you.

Hobbies, cities, trends, and brands

There is content to discover for every brand and publisher. Local subreddits discussing local and national news, enthusiasts reviewing new products from multiple brands, and hobbyists talking about their favourite sports.

Predict emerging trends

Memes and trends often appear on Reddit before making it to other networks. The Reddit data partnership brings that content to your NewsWhip dashboards so you can spot emerging trends.

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