Online Trend Monitoring

Keep your brand in touch with cultural trends

Real-time feeds of trending topics across web publishers, Twitter, and YouTube

Trend Monitoring is available on NewsWhip Spike

NewsWhip Spike is the only real-time media monitoring platform that comms teams use to predict the stories and topics that will matter in the hours ahead.

How comms teams use Trend monitoring

Spotting opportunities

Surface trends as soon as they begin to emerge so you’re ready to join the conversation for the topics that matter to your brand

Content Ideation

Explore every trend to generate content ideas for your social media strategy and keep your brand relevant

Reactive marketing

Deep dive into trends to find the best content that creates an opportunity for your brand to react and drive engagement during any trend

Tracking current affairs

Find trends that might be sucking all of the air out of the room and avoid launching your campaign at the wrong time

A closer look at Trend Monitoring

Add Trends to any dashboard

Trend widgets can be added to any dashboard so you can view trends alongside real-time content in the All Searches view of your dashboard.

Web Trends

This widget shows you a list of people, places and organisations that have recently surged in popularity from web articles published in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. You can tap on these to view the content that’s driving the trend.

Twitter Trends

This widget surfaces the topics that are seeing a high-volume of mentions, and which have seen a sharp increase in engagement over a short period of time from Tweets posted in the US, UK, Singapore, Peru, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, or Canada. Twitter Trends come directly from the Twitter platform, and offer insight into topics that are surging in popularity amongst the public.

YouTube Trends

This widget shows you all currently trending YouTube posts, as defined by YouTube, in the US, Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, or India.

More ways to get insights on social content

Reddit monitoring

Monitor what’s happening across over 100,000 subreddits in real time

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts for newly published social content by email or Slack


Bring public interest and media interest together in a single view


Take your comms insights from hindsight to foresight

Learn how NewsWhip can help you be more proactive in your comms strategy and keep key stakeholders informed every step of the way