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NewsWhip puts you ahead of the pack by predicting breakout stories from the web and social. Get deeper competitive intelligence for the short-term and long-term, to inform your social distribution.
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NewsWhip Spike for Publishers

Spike is the most real-time view of the sites, stories and posts engaging your audience.

Faster discovery and ideation

A real-time stream of breaking news, giving you an endless trove of ideas. Spike surfaces the stories predicted to go viral today, so you'll know what will win over social audiences.

Easier editorial planning

Prioritize where to devote resources by seeing which stories (and topics) will drive the biggest impact for your site today. With related stories and trending entities, you see how others are covering breaking news and how each angle is performing.

Wider audience growth

Real-time engagement data at your fingertips. Use patented metrics to see what's over-performing within topics and on platforms, so you can perfectly package stories for every channel.

“When I see a story on Twitter, I’m going with my gut on how it will share. When I find a story on Spike, I already know its viral share potential.”
“I use Spike to discover or confirm trending stories. It’s constantly on or in the background. It really helps confirm and prioritize what we do.”
“We’ve seen shares go up 90% year on year thanks to the speed at which we can now cover news with Spike.”

NewsWhip Analytics for Publishers

Analytics is the world’s most complete set of stories tracked against every social network.

Expansive content intelligence

Gain a comprehensive view of how your stories are performing across five social networks, benchmarked against your competitors. Analytics shows you compare, across any time frame, and within different topics, so you can inform your strategy from top to bottom.

Deeper historical insight

Track how your performance has trended up or down over time. Dig into when your audience’s attention peaks, and understand when and where they engage with specific stories and subjects.

Informed social distribution

Understand which formats and narratives are best suited for every audience, on every platform. See the ROI you're getting on each content type, and know how to package your stories, when to publish them, and where to distribute them.

“Since using NewsWhip Analytics, we’ve been able to compare our coverage of stories to how other sites covered the same story. It's helped form content strategy for specials like the VMAs and Election Night coverage. It’s great to see how other sites are trending over time to confirm our hypotheses.”

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