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At NewsWhip, we have the tools and technology to help publishers and media outlets filter out fake news, understand the impact of viral stories, and track what’s getting attention globally. Here’s how we’re using our platforms to help industry leaders get better insight into how and why audiences are engaging with stories.

Researching the Spread of Fake News and Misinformation

Our patented technology allows us to quickly and seamlessly track the spread of engaging stories across all social networks, as soon as they’re published. We have the unique capability to see and understand how information spreads in real time, and the ability to predict what will be big today. We’ve been consulted by journalists at Bloomberg to understand the impact of fake news in international elections, and have worked with special forces to stop the spread of misinformation in the future. Read more below.

First Draft News: CrossCheck Initiative

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Bloomberg: the Impact of Fake News on International Elections

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CNN: the Role of Fake News in the US Election

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Understanding the Impact of Hyper Partisan Reporting

How have audiences and voters become so segmented? We’ve done extensive research on the tactics of hyper-partisan publishers, how their stories spark emotional reactions from audiences, and the long-term effects of such reporting. We’ve dug into why certain publishers have garnered loyal followings, and why they’ve sparked such outrage from others. Read more here:

The Rise of Hyper-Political Publishers

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CNBC: Trump & Hyper-Partisan Reporting — Our CEO Weighs In

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