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2023 has been a year of brand reputation issues, with some of the most memorable brand damage of recent times happening in the past 12 months.

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Bud Light & Dylan Mulvaney

The Bud Light boycott and controversy is perhaps the best known and one of the longest running crises of 2023, and for that reason, we’ve decided to look at it over a nine month period.

Bud Light’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney was met with a flood of backlash, angering a lot of people due to her being transgender, and led to boycotts of the product from several country music stars and others who call the brand “woke.”

In the three months following Mulvaney’s partnership video, the 13.9k articles about her and Bud Light received nearly 9.4 million engagements. In the summer we  saw engagements taper off slightly, although conversations online became more centered around  Bud Light’s reputation and revenue loss. You can find our full analysis, including detailed looks at each three-month period, of this crisis in the report.

Public and media interest in Bud Light backlash

Public interest


Media interest

WGA Walkout

The first big story in the world of strikes this year was the WGA walkout, when writers stopped work across the industry in protest of new contract proposals from major studios including Netflix and Disney.

This was one of the biggest ongoing battles of the year, and maintained its relevance even after the initial surge in interest, with almost 65k articles written during the first three months of the strikes, combining for 3.7 million engagements.

The WGA strike went on for long enough that it’s possible to analyze an extended timeline of coverage. Though the latter half of this time period had a lower peak in public and media interest, the number of articles written was actually greater. You can also find our full analysis of this strike in the report, along with the SAG-AFTRA strike and the UAW strike.

Public and media interest in Writers Guild Strike

Public interest

Media interest

Tesla vehicles recalled

Tesla made headlines in a big way in February when the company was forced to recall 300k+ vehicles over safety concerns.

Tesla said that its full self-driving beta software may cause crashes after some high-profile incidents hit the headlines, and almost 363,000 vehicles were recalled as a result.

This was the biggest product recall that we looked at in 2023, with nearly 140k engagements to news about it over two weeks’ time.

Public and media interest in Tesla recall

Public interest

Media interest

OpenAI & Sam ALtman

One of the stories of Q4 was the OpenAI board ousting the CEO Sam Altman, to much consternation from some parts of the tech world.

The story went on for several days, with the peak not actually coming at the beginning of the story but rather after Microsoft hired Altman and then he returned to OpenAI subsequently.

Normally we see crises last 48 hours or so, as seen elsewhere in this report, but this one saw a solid week of media and public interest as the response and fallout spiraled and continued to play out in public.

Public and media interest in Open AI Board & Sam Altman

Public interest

Media interest


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