Our Team

We’re a tight-knit team of industry leaders from product, development, machine learning, sales, marketing and much more.

Paul Quigley

Founder & CEO

Brett Lofgren

President North America & CRO

Dervilla Mullan

Chief Product Officer

Gio Stoppiello


Kevin Lowe

Head of Sales

Jaime Chung

VP of Customer Success

David Cooke

Head of Design

Alannah Horne

HR & Office Manager

Neil Concannon

Head of Talent Acquisition

Aisling McMahon

Head of Customer Success & Education

John Hayes

Product Manager – NewsWhip Spike

Mathew Cropper

Product Manager – APIs and Syndication

Euan Callow

Product Manager – NewsWhip Analytics

Val Kearney

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Laura Keegan

Customer Success Manager

Denise Mazzella

Customer Success Manager

Emily Mercer

Customer Success Manager

Fergal Reid

Customer Success Manager

Ruchun Jin

Software Engineer

Paddy Doyle

Software Engineer

Gabriel Broilo Luz

Software Engineer

Carol Domínguez

Software Engineer

Maísa Garcia

Software Engineer

Daniel Aguado

Software Engineer

Gareth Nolan

Front End Engineer

Dina Malone

Front End Engineer

Conor O'Reilly

Junior Front End Developer

Damien Marshall

Head of Engineering

Benedict Nicholson

Editorial Researcher

Ryan Dalton

Implementation Support Associate

Lewina Callow

Implementation Support Associate

Marilyn Collins

Sales Administrator/Credit Controller

Nina Lodeiro

Implementation Associate

Colm Roche

Product Designer

John Flynn

Insights Analyst

Jessica Neuman

Legal Counsel

Greg Keane

Sales Director, EMEA

Tamer Abouleinein

Account Strategist

Jonathan Barnes

Account Executive

Nick Smaldone

Sr. Account Executive

Josh Donnelly

Account Strategist

Mike Ferenci

Account Strategist


Conor Stanley

Founder, Tribal

Paul Quigley

CEO, NewsWhip

Dervilla Mullan

Chief Product Officer, NewsWhip

Shane Naughton

Technology Entrepreneur, Eagna

Scott Rafer

Advisor, Technicolor Ventures


Jim Kennedy

SVP Strategy and Enterprise Development, Associated Press

Liam Keily

Director of Corporate Finance, Cantor Fitzgerald

Fergus Glouster

Founder, Thomond Technology

Eugene Smyth

Investment Advisor, Venture Capital, DBIC

Barry Smyth

Founding Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Scott Rafer

Advisor, Technicolor & Technicolor Ventures

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