Misinformation & Brands

NewsWhip helps brands spot and understand misleading, partisan and false stories that can surface on social media about their brand or sector.


We work closely with many of the top crisis communications agencies, whose professionals use our Spike platform to predict how wide a piece of misinformation is likely to spread. This can be helpful in many situations, such as when an NGO publishes a report that gets picked up in a partisan manner, or when taking a stand on a political or social issue invokes criticism from media and commentators who disagree.

Misinformation Research

Our Research Center produces regular reports on the content engagement relating to major brands and issues.

To see all these reports, or to connect with our research team about topics of interest you would like to better understand, please visit the NewsWhip Research Center.

For Communicators who wish to get a full understanding of how we can help them understand issues and protect reputations, please contact us directly here.

NewsWhip and Misinformation: 

If you’re interested in working with us on improving the quality of the information ecosystem – or if we can help with any problems you’re facing – please get in touch.