Track and predict misinformation

Detect, understand, and respond to misinformation with real-time discovery of social media posts, news articles, and other content.

Using NewsWhip to track misinformation

Misinformation has become an endemic characteristic of the modern media sphere. False narratives can start in tightly-networked online groups, and explode into the mainstream, or have other real-world effects on companies, industries, public health, politics and society.

Critically, our platform can predict public engagement with any article, so you can rally a response and direct it precisely where it is needed.

NewsWhip Spike will instantly allow you to:

Monitor misinformation

Monitor any misinformation narrative for quantitative changes in media output and public interest or engagement with those narratives.

Identify new misinformation narratives

Track known misinformation sources to spot breakout misinformation from risky sources or networked groups.

See how misinformation resonates

Use Compare to measure levels of public and media interest with different narratives over any time range, normalized to a single view.

NewsWhip Leaderboards for websites and authors

Identify the super spreaders

Spot the sources that are responsible for originating a significant proportion of misinformation in any topic, theme, or industry.

Respond effectively

Direct your responses to the right places by identifying those best placed to debunk, using Top Authors and Top Websites Leaderboards.

Image of Crisis Response Comparison Timeline

Track the effectiveness of your responses

See how your responses are resonating and spreading among the conversation, compared to the original myth over any time period.

“NewsWhip Spike was probably the most useful tool to help us out in what we were doing. We always had this tension between ‘putting fuel on the fire’ or the question of ‘are we too late,’ and the story has travelled halfway around the world already. That was really where Spike came into its own.”
Sam Dubberly,
Project Manager,


Features for tracking misinformation

NewsWhip tracks public interaction with online media, and gives you the ability to track and quantify spread of misinformation with these powerful features.

NewsWhip Prediction Graph


NewsWhip’s patented prediction gives you the speed to insight needed for detecting the early spread of trending misinformation narratives.

Image of NewsWhip Social Media Tracking Metrics


A unique NewsWhip metric that tells you the speed at which a new story is spreading across social media, so you can identify breaking narratives and act early.

NewsWhip cross-network web and social feeds

Cross-network feeds

Real time feeds of articles and posts across the web and social media, discovered in less than 90 seconds, and displayed with public interaction data.

NewsWhip Leaderboards for websites and authors

Top Authors Leaderboard

Find, rank, and track the authors that are publishing the most engaged content across any misinformation narrative.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline


Bring public interest and media interest together in one view, to give you a full understanding of the spread and popularity of misinformation.

Top Websites Leaderboard

Top Websites Leaderboard

Rank the most “popular” misinformation publishers by the number of articles they publish, or by the level of public interest they generate.

How organisations are using NewsWhip to track misinformation

First Draft & CrossCheck

NewsWhip works with CrossCheck on a number of initiatives around the world to aid their mission to fight fake news, and have had success at elections in France, the UK and Germany.

First Draft, a non-profit organization, emerged as a leader in verifying news through UGC experts, through its CrossCheck initiative, using NewsWhip data to monitor election misinformation in various countries and work to fact check and correct the record where appropriate.

Confirmado Guatemala

The Confirmado project, in Guatemala, run by journalist Luis Assado, began using NewsWhip to identify fake news and misleading information that is spreading at a high pace and then use that information to prioritize what to debunk, during the Guatemalan elections in 2019.

CrossCheck France

During the French Presidential Election in April 2017, French journalists used NewsWhip Spike to predict the spread and velocity of stories across multiple social networks.

With it, journalists were able to pinpoint the stories catching fire specifically in France, and understand their spread across social. Also, by predicting whether a story would be big or not, volunteers were able to make quick calls on which misinformation to address, and which to ignore.

Facebook logo fact checkin

Facebook Fact-Checking

NewsWhip supports a number of news organizations that are participants in Facebook’s fact-checking program. These news organisations can predictively identify which stories should be debunked, and in turn should be downgraded by Facebook in its news feed.


Want to see how NewsWhip can help you to track and research misinformation?

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