“Spike saves our analysts and editors time by understanding what the news is prior to it becoming an event."

Company size: 25-50 employees
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Leigh Fatzinger, CEO and Founder
CHALLENGE: How can you surface important coverage about your client, before it blows up?
Turbine Labs, a new player in the marketing game, offers a fresh take on brand intelligence with a concentration on leveraging “small data” for big brands. Turbine Labs separates itself in the crowded industry by using a unique combination of technology and analysis to trace the impact of media sentiment on clients.
Social media plays a pivotal role in Turbine Lab’s research – having the clearest signal on what’s trending now is essential to their core mission. They needed a tool guaranteed to deliver.

"We measure the reach, impact and value of consumer and media content and conversation in the context of the brand and its competitors.

We are unique in our hybrid approach that involves utilizing human curation and editorial selection of content, made possible through the use of tools such as Spike."


Leigh Fatzinger, CEO and Founder
Turbine Labs

Spike has become a cornerstone of Turbine Labs’ media arsenal, giving them granular data on the performance of content related to any geographic market or topic.
Turbine Labs Analyst Alisa Brown says Spike lets her seamlessly track what’s buzzing in the media around her client, and use that information to the client’s competitive advantage.

"Spike makes staying up to date on how the media is talking about our client incredibly simple. The virality graphs give us both a better sense of whether or not a story is still gaining attention, and how much attention that story is getting.

The 30-minute Spike alerts save me a great deal of time when finding client-specific stories. I love being able to glance through an email and see the story headline, who published it and when."


Alisa Brown, Analyst
Turbine Labs

Leigh says they use Spike to identify the influencers within different sectors, to track how stories trend and become viral, and to understand how emerging topics ignite large scale events.

"Spike saves our analysts and editors time by understanding what the news is prior to it becoming an “event” – from that perspective, we find great value in the platform.

Translating data into actionable, contextual insights is the core function of our business and our value proposition – having high quality data input, such as what we obtain from Spike, is critical to our process."

Leigh Fatzinger, CEO and Founder
Turbine Labs

NewsWhip Spike has become an integral part of Turbine Labs’ media arsenal and helps them ensure they’re delivering the best intelligence to their clients.

"Our clients look to us to be aware of and vet data and analytics providers. Often, there are new and growing platforms that give us insights we can’t find anywhere else – NewsWhip is one of those platforms."

Leigh Fatzinger, CEO and Founder
Turbine Labs

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